Best season for weddings in Toronto

All party rental toronto companies know when it comes to weddings, every couple deserves a romantic backdrop to accompany their beautiful love story. Choosing when and where to have your wedding, has to be one of the most crucial decisions you can make. Whether you want a beach wedding or a church wedding, there is a lot to decide on.

There are usually a lot of suggestions coming in from friends and family. They mean well but, this may cause you to be overwhelmed and get worked up. To avoid this, party rental Toronto experts, have a few nuggets of wisdom to share. For the best season for your wedding consider the following points:

Prefer climate

Some of you love certain seasons of the year. Maybe you are drawn to a winter wedding or maybe a spring wedding. The secret to doing any wedding despite the season, it to make very detailed planning. The weather affects the choice of venue, menu and transportation among other things. For winter weddings you have to change the menu to include comfort food and a warm environment.

Remember to work within a budget that is flexible enough to work within your preferred wedding seasons. Also keep in mind the health of your guests when planning. You may have guests with specific conditions that are aggregated by certain weather conditions.


When the wedding season arrives, usually between spring to fall, things become quite expensive. This is because the vendors and suppliers have a lot of demand to fill. If you are willing to have the wedding of the season despite the cost, you don’t have to tighten your purse strings. when you are working around a tight budget, you can consider having a wedding off-season. In off season months like January or march, the vendors are readily available. That way you can get things at discounted prices.

Sentimental value

There are factors like sentimental value attached to the season that have to be considered. You or your spouse may wish to honor an important date/custom in your lives. The date may be in the off-peak or peak season; it does not matter. For example, a bride may wish to be married on the same date her mother got married. These sentimental attachments will make your day even more memorable and special.


How, the activities of your wedding synchronize, is important as the day in its entirety. Your wedding has to synchronize with peoples’ schedules. In whatever season you choose to have a wedding, remember to note down all the logistics. Perfect timing will allow the ceremony to flow, without a long wait between activities. These incessant pauses cause the guests enthusiasm to wane. The theme of your wedding should also coincide with the seasons. Having summer colors in a winter wedding may produce mixed reviews from your guests.

VIP considerations

Most of us want our families around when we get married. The people who we cannot get married without are the VIP. When planning for your wedding you, keep in mind to consult with them. That way you, you set up a date that allows them to be with you on the big day. Be careful however, only to ask the most important ones. Involving other opinions may give you a headache.


Having weddings during the holiday season can be fun. It sounds very romantic to get married on valentines or maybe Easter. If you have money to spend on a lavish wedding, then why not? Most holiday weddings tend to cost a bit more. Flower vendors, venues and caters may prove hard to find. If you do plan on having a wedding, plan in advance and start preparations early. If you make your orders before the holiday season, it’ll cut costs and save you the frustration.
With these few nuggets of wisdom, we wish you the best wedding season for you and your significant other.

How to Throw a Brilliant Barbecue Party in Toronto

There are good parties, there are great parties and then there are the most memorable barbecue parties! Why people remember these parties is because of the sumptuous food and a shift from the usual drinking and dancing parties. Barbecue parties have not become very common occurrences as they need a lot of planning and equipment. Once executed well, they can prove to be the party your guests remember for the longest time. This article aims to help you with the planning of one such party with some help from Party rentals Toronto for essential equipment.

The Food and Ovens

Decide what food you will keep for your barbecue party. This is of prime importance. Do your research and you will find multiple options for grilled vegetarian and non -vegetarian dishes including skewers, baby back ribs and more. The next challenging part is figuring out where to get the oven or the charcoal grill from if you do not own one. Fret not as As Special Events is here to your rescue. You can choose from various options from ovens to charcoals or propane grills. This equipment is absolutely top notch but you don’t have to worry about a hole in your pocket as you are just renting these for an evening and not buying them.

The Bar
The tipple is an important aspect of any party. Beers always go well with barbecues but you might want to stir up some cocktails too. But since barbecue parties are usually outdoor parties, you cannot use your home bar table for the party. You can however, easily rent one from the party rental company As Special Events. They are your one stop solution for not only a fully fledged bar complete with shelves but also ice tongs, beer tubs to keep them chilled and bottle openers. For the cocktails you can also rent a bar blender from them. Corkscrews and ice buckets are also essentials for a party with booze so keep those in handy as well.
The Chairs
The next requirement for any outdoor party is the huge number of chairs. As Special Events can help you, by providing folding white chairs that will be ideal for your barbecue party in Toronto. This also means very little effort as you can keep them all in one corner and guests can open them and set them wherever they want to sit down. If you also request everyone to keep them back from where they took them, your post party work also becomes simpler in many ways.
Keeping a few tables is very important as guests will never know where to sit or where to keep their glasses and plates. Folding tables from As Special Events can serve your purpose here. If you do not want to risk taking out your own precious linen for table tops, you can rent these too.

Dishes and Glassware
Chances are that you do not have enough cutleries in your house for a big party. As Special Events stacks in a variety of different dishes and glassware and you have a huge collection to choose the best ones for your big party. For glasses you can opt for a set of normal drinking glasses instead of special glasses for different kinds of tipple. For serving utensils too, you need not look any further from As Special Events as you will find everything from different spoon sizes, to knives and ice cream scoops here.

Music and Games

For the entertainment aspect of your barbecue your barbecue party, plan some outdoor games and keep peppy music ready for whenever someone wants to shake a leg. Hiring a karaoke console from As Special Events is a brilliant and innovative idea if you do not want to tread the usual path. Guests can sing along in groups or solos and you can also ask them to dedicate songs while they munch on grilled delicacies.

Planning a barbecue party is perhaps not easy, but most have always said that it is also extremely fun! Make your big party the talking point for many years to come.

How to plan a party?

Party planning is a very cumbersome work to do. It requires a lot of time and a lot of thoughts in order to throw a good party. This is the reason why people freak out by the slightest of chance that they might have to throw a party. For party rentals, Toronto is a very costly place to go, where the budget could go well out if the planning isn’t done properly. Here are 7 steps to throw a good party

1. Decide the budget

Most people forget the first and basic step in party planning and then regret everything after the party when they find themselves in debt. One should always have a clear idea as to how much money can be spent in throwing the party and then plan accordingly.

2. Date and place

The second basic step to follow while doing so it to decide a proper place and date. A party is a group event and so it has to be throwing while keeping in mind the ease and availability of every person. It should be held at a place which is accessible by most people as guests are what makes a party successful. Party rentals Toronto specializes in party planning and it could help you with throwing a party.

3. Guest list and invitation

The guest list is the most important aspect of a party. Everything else depends on it and so it should be given enough time to think about whom to invite and whom not to. Also, the number of guests should be kept according to the budget.

4. Planning the food

People come to parties to have fun and food is a very important part of having fun so it should be given enough energy and time to plan the food in the party. You won’t want your guests to stay hungry for the whole of the event.

5. Good music

No party is ever successful without a good music. Music is what differentiates good parties from bad ones so it should be on the top of to-do list while arranging a party. Do a little bit of research and find all the good music that is available at the moment. Keep in mind that you should not play your playlist but the one that is popular at that moment because people might not have the same taste as you while most people will like the popular music.

6. Extracurricular activities

Fun parties need games to keep it going as people tend to feel bored when they’re doing nothing so keep them entertained with lots of games that are interesting and easy to play. The games which are available at a party often keep the guests involved in it and end up making them stay for longer and enjoy it to the fullest.

7. Take pictures and video

This is a very important part of any party as it reminds people of a good time that they had in your party even in the future. If you can, assign a person to take good pictures at the party and send them to the guest later it would be really worthwhile. Sharing the pictures and videos on social media would be a good idea as well.

Party Rentals Toronto: Tips On Throwing A Memorable Retirement Celebration

Party Rentals Toronto: Tips On Throwing

A Memorable Retirement Celebration

Party rentals Toronto staff know how challenging it can be to plan an elegant, yet fun, retirement party. You want to ensure that the event honours the career of the retiree in a memorable way, but is still fun and engaging for all guests involved. While this is slightly easier if the party is for a friend or loved one, but planning one for a co-worker about to embark on a new and enjoyable stage of their lives can be slightly more difficult. Not only does the celebration need to be fun, but it has to be professional and still show the retiree how much their contributions to your workplace mean. Here are a few tips from your local party rentals Toronto store to help make this an easier occasion for you to plan, while still resulting in a memorable event for the retiree.

How To Begin Planning A Retirement Celebration

The best way to start is to come up with a guest list. Obviously, the entire staff should be invited, along with their partners. Consider whether or not you want to have children in attendance, and if so, list their children as well. It’s a good idea to invite the family members of the retiree as well, since they will want to be included in this celebratory event. The next step is to come up with a theme. Your theme doesn’t have to be overly involved or elaborate, but coming up with a central theme will help you with each subsequent stage of the planning process. If the retiree happens to have a particular hobby or team affiliation, incorporate that. If you’re at a total loss, simply develop a theme based on colour and the atmosphere you want the party to have.

How To Find A Venue

Next to your guest list, this is the most important aspect of planning a retirement celebration to consider. Outdoor parties tend to be a lot more fun, and versatile, for everyone involved, so take a look around your town and determine if there are any appropriate locations that may be available. Avoid popular wedding spots, as these tend to be rather expensive and book up early. Planning your celebration to happen in a park or an office member’s backyard is a great way to ensure that you have a decent, pretty location but don’t wind up spending your entire budget booking the venue. A tent rentals Toronto store will be experienced in planning outdoor events, and can help provide recommendations if necessary. If the retiree is a member of a local golf course, speak with them about booking something for a weekday or weeknight event. You might be able to arrange deal, and hosting it during off-peak hours means that you won’t run into conflicts with weddings and other events.

How To Decorate Your Party


Decorations are one of the most memorable parts of any party. This is where having a central theme, or at least a central colour scheme, will be incredibly handy. Visit a tent rentals Toronto location to reserve a number of tents for your guests. These will provide shade when needed, and can help set aside a separate area for food and refreshments. You should also look into renting tents, chairs, and dishware from the same location. Once you have all of that arranged, focus on creating centerpieces for each table. This is an easy way to decorate without spending too much time trying to figure out a variety of different ornamental pieces that are suited to be outdoors.

How To Create Invitations

Now that you have a guest list and venue, it’s time to send out your invitations. Resist the urge to do this through email alone, as a paper invitation looks a lot classier and will be something your retiree will cherish for years to come.

Tent Rental Toronto: How To Host A Spectacular Charity Event

Tent Rental Toronto: How To Host A Spectacular Charity Event

tent rental toronto
Tent rental Toronto corporations understand the need to ensure that your next charity event shines. Not only do you want to ensure you are able to raise the most amount of funds possible for your charity, you want to throw an event people will be talking about for years to come. After all, this is the best way to ensure that you get an even larger crowd for your next one! Visiting your tent rental Toronto experts is the best place to start, but there are a many other aspects to hosting a beautiful event.

How To Find The Perfect Venue

The first step is to find the perfect venue for your event. Hosting a charity event outdoors is a wonderful way to encourage a large crowd, and to take advantage of the beauty that the Greater Toronto Area has to offer. Directors or other executives of your charity may have beautifully landscaped yards, and are a good place to start. Think about other outdoor events you have attended in the past, and check to see if those venues would be suitable for your event. Parks and other public locations can often be rented out for private events, and are also potential venue locations you should keep in mind.

How To Choose An Overall Theme

The most successful charity events have their own theme. This can be something as extravagant as a circus theme, or as minimal as a colour scheme. Keep in mind that time of day and the eventual venue you choose will help to dictate the theme. For example, a black tie event isn’t exactly appropriate for one held in the mid-afternoon. Consider whether children will be invited, and keep their entertainment in mind as well.

How To Find Entertainment For Your Event

The type of entertainment you hire will depend on your venue size and the theme of your event. String quartets and other musicians who can play soft, classical-style music are ideal for black tie and other formal themes. A live band who specialize in a variety of different covers is well suited to other types of events, especially those where you hope to encourage your guests to dance. Consider hiring a comedian or wandering magician who specializes in “street magic” for other events, in order to put a unique spin on the forms of entertainment your guests may expect to see. Be sure that you audition each and every performer before signing a contract, and audition a number of them in order to be sure you have an accurate basis for comparison. Ask your colleagues for referrals rather than your friends – what is appropriate for a friendly event may not be suitable for your charity event.

When To Send Out Your Invitations

Avoid the temptation to email the invitations to your guest list. While this is a wonderful way to follow up on the invitations you’ve sent and to compile an accurate list of attendees, it is best to send out the invitations by letter mail. Be sure that they are sent at least six to eight weeks before your event, but no earlier than twelve or sixteen weeks. This ensures that your guests have plenty of time to get your event into their calendars, but not too much time that it could be forgotten. Be sure to include the organization, the time and date, the venue, contact information, any costs that is involved in attending, and if there are any special instructions regarding theme (such as black tie or costume). When you order your invitations, keep them in the same style as the theme of your event, in order to maintain continuity.

Tent Rental Toronto: Professionals Show You How To Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Tent Rental Toronto Professionals Show You

How To Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Tent rental Toronto experts have helped people across the Greater Toronto area plan the parties of their dreams. One occasion that deserves all the special treatment you can find is your baby’s first birthday. There’s no better way to celebrate the first year of your young one’s life than by throwing an amazing family party outdoors. While your tent rental Toronto professionals can provide the chairs, tables, and other equipment you need to throw a memorable first birthday celebration, the rest is up to you. Here are just a few tips on how to throw an amazing birthday party to celebrate your sweet baby’s first one.

How To Create The Perfect Decorations

You have a ton of options when it comes to decorations, and one way to make this decision easier is to start by picking out a theme. It can be as simple as a colour your baby seems to adore, or his or her favourite story, and working from there. Be sure to create centrepieces for the tables, to give it an element of adult class, while also incorporating baby-friendly decorations that can be scattered throughout the outdoor area. Hosting your party outside will help you cut down on the expense you need, as a garden or backyard can often provide natural beauty.

What To Serve For Food

Planning a menu can also seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you opt to go the do-it-yourself route. Enlist a number of friends to make this task significantly easier, and be sure to give yourself enough time to finish all the food preparation well in advance of the party’s start time. Choose foods that can be easily transported, and ones that won’t make too big of a mess if the young ones present have a hard time managing their plates. Finger sandwiches, pastries filled with warm meat, and mini-quiche all make for great crowd-pleasing ideas that will leave your guests full without being stuffed. Don’t forget about dessert, and include a tray with a variety of different options to accommodate any food sensitivities that are present.

What To Serve For Drinks

If you are having your fellow parents over, be sure to serve things that won’t easily spill. Don’t overfill glasses, and avoid scalding hot beverages. Use real glasswear to avoid the wind knocking anything over. Warm beverages can be provided, but keep an eye on your guests, and enlist an older child to watch the little ones while their parents enjoy a cup of coffee or tea after the meal. If you want to serve alcoholic beverages, sangria is always a welcome drink on a hot day. Have a number of straws available for use, if parents want to enjoy a drink while feeding their babies.

How To Entertain Your Guests

Babies are absolutely adorable, but your guests may want some other form of entertainment at the same time. Hiring a children’s entertainer may be a waste, depending on the age ranges of your guests. Soft music playing in the background, or games that engage the young ones while providing enjoyment for parents are a great idea.

How To Put Together Guest Favours

After the party is over, be sure your guests leave with something, whether it be a treat or a memento. Putting together a homemade candy bag is a great idea, as long as your guests don’t have any food sensitivities or allergies to the type of candy you provide. A small picture frame with a picture of your child is also a wonderful idea, and is something your guests can put up in their home for years to come.

Wedding Rentals Toronto: How to Pick a Menu for Your Wedding

Wedding Rentals Toronto: How to Pick a Menu for Your Wedding


wedding rentals Toronto

As many wedding rentals Toronto professionals have said, picking the menu for a wedding can be tricky. You can have basics like lasagna as the main course or you can import a rare kind of fish from half way across the world. If you have small guest list, your friends and family could pool their collective skills together. The fact of the matter is, it is your big day and no one will hold it against you if you want to have a backyard barbeque and serve hot dogs. Even then, no couple wants to be remembered as the ones who had terrible food at their wedding. According to wedding rentals Toronto experts, the menu really depends on the catering option you go with.

Plan Your Wedding Reception

Before picking a menu for the wedding, decide on the reception first. A reception is fairly simple; you can do it on a budget and still be really innovative. You can hold it at a nice brewery or an elegant cafe. You can also hold an intimate backyard dinner if you have a small guest list. When it comes to food and the event itself, the reception is where you look to economize, and the main wedding is where you look to splash the cash. A good wedding reception for 30-50 people can be done for anywhere from $500 to $1000. The wedding is where the real money has to be spent.

Wedding Menu Options

Catering service: If you are using a separate catering service which is different from the venue’s, the costs will be much higher. This is due to the fact that they have to come and set up shop at your location. They have to bring their equipment, man power and services to you. There is an added labour charge associated with the move.

In-house: If you are using the in-house catering service it will be a lot cheaper. Usually they have rental packages that include the cost of the space and any support staff and catering you might need. Depending on the type of venue and the type of food you order, catering accounts for over 1/3 of the cost of the wedding. It can range anywhere from $5000 to $20000.

Do-it-yourself: The most effective way of being economical is by cooking the menu at home. If a group of family members or friends are adept at handling themselves in the kitchen, it might not be such a bad idea if your budget is strained. A self catered event can serve 150 to 200 people for under $3000. As long as the food looks fancy and your guests can stomach it with a smile, you should be fine. With food it is more about presentation than anything else.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Cake

Speaking of style over substance, the wedding cake has absolutely nothing to do with the taste; it is all about the looks. It needs to have a sense of simplicity while still beaming with an aura of grandeur. Luckily, every single bakery has their own line of wedding cakes; there are also specialized bakeries that just bake cakes for weddings. The prices vary depending on the size, type of cake and factors such as real flowers versus plastic one. The reality is that you can easily find a cake that has the perfect combination of affordability and beauty. It will cost you around $300 for a cheaper option and around $800 for something a bit flashier.

Picking your menu pretty much depends on the type of catering you choose, the best bet is to pick the venue wisely and go with the in-house service.

How Can A Tent Rental Make Your Family Reunion Special?


Tent rentals Toronto

A family reunion is one of the best ways to make your whole family feel special, and to gather them together in between weddings. You can catch up with relatives you haven’t seen for years, and throw a fantastic party in the meantime. Hiring a high quality tent from a Tent rentals Toronto store is a great way to ensure that your guests have a great time, and add a level of class to any event. There are a number of ways in which an elegant tent will make your family reunion feel extra special.

Host Your Reunion Outdoors

In most cases, summertime is the best time to throw your reunion. However, summer weather, especially in Ontario, is unpredictable at best. This drives many people inside for their reunions. Renting a hall or ballroom can be costly, and seem too formal and stiff for the casual atmosphere a family reunion often demands. Renting a tent from a Tent rentals Toronto expert gives you the freedom to book an outdoor venue, and gives much needed protection from a variety of weather conditions.

Protection From The Elements

Family members who are very young, or who are elderly, will be very appreciative of the shade a tent rental provides. Other family members too will be happy you thought ahead and rented a tent to provide additional relief from the sun. Tent rentals also provide a shelter from light rain, in the event you are caught by surprise. Some tents even have sides that come down and can zip up, giving additional protection against the wind and driving rain.

Tons Of Options

When you book a family reunion in a hall or ballroom, there are limited options for activities and decorations. Hosting your event outdoors gives you the ability to plan for a ton of different activities, ensuring that family members of all ages are entertained. In addition, there are many different styles and models of tents available for rental, allowing you the freedom to choose one in keeping with your overall theme and atmosphere.

Learn how to make wedding invites on a budget. 


Renting a tent also allows you the freedom to put seating just about anywhere, both under the canopy and outside. This allows for family members who may not get along to be seated far apart from one another, ensuring the overall peace and fun atmosphere your family reunion deserves. When people are confined to rooms, it can be hard to ensure that family members are separated. With an outdoor reunion, and the comfort a tent provides, you can be sure those members stay apart without assigning a third party to babysit.

Variety of Food Options

Another perk of hosting your reunion outside under a tent is the wide variety of choice you have in deciding which food to offer. Many outdoor venues also have barbeques, which will allow you to bring your own food, cutting down dramatically on food costs. You can also allot more space to a food table, which will let you offer more choices to your guests and can accommodate food sensitivities and allergies.


As long as you aren’t violating any municipal by-laws, hosting your event outdoors with the aide of a tent rental gives you the freedom to make more noise. Noisy indoor events are not fun for anyone, even the people making the noise often leave with headaches or other complaints afterwards. Hosting your family reunion outdoors means that your family members, especially the younger children, can feel free to run around, laugh, and make as much noise as they want without worrying about ruining the day for anyone else.

How to make wedding invites on a budget?

wedding tent rentals Toronto


Preparing your invites can be a surprisingly expensive aspect of your wedding. It can set you back a few thousand dollars if you are going for grandeur. Most couples prefer having a physical copy of the invite because they may want to hang on to it for future memories. When either you or a wedding tent rentals Toronto expert is preparing your invitations, the cost depends on:

  • The type of paper used
  • The level of artistry you want
  • The number of cards you want printed

However, the main expense boils down to the avenue you chose.

Wedding Designers: Wedding designers have a wide range of templates and know the most popular types of wedding invitations couples like to use. You will get the best available quality and service. However, this comes at a price. A well established wedding tent rentals Toronto store will charge around 1000 dollars per 100 invites, this can go up to as much as 3000 dollars. If you are looking to invite a few hundred people, this will set your budget back a couple of notches.

Stationary Store: The second option is to use a stationary store. Stationary stores always have promotions and seasonal discounts you can take advantage of. Another benefit is that they have experience making different kinds of invitations. So you have a greater pool of ideas being thrown into the hat. If you are using a large stationary store, they may have several designers. So again, there are multiple brains with a multitude of ideas that you can pick and choose from. It is also cheaper than using a specialized wedding designer. Again depending on the type of paper and other common factors, each card can cost between 5 to 7 dollars. Now both the wedding designer and the store have different rates if you have them post it. Have a look at how much they charge and see if it will be more beneficial to mail it yourself. If you have a small guest list, you can have wedding invitations that are beautiful yet affordable.

Do you know how to create an event budgeting template?

Online Invitation: The third option is to use online designers. A recent survey showed that 70% of guests do not mind receiving a wedding invitation online. Only 3 out of 10 people think that a wedding invitation should be a hard copy. You can use this to trim your costs. You will still have access to a professional graphics designer and you can get as many as 300 invites done for a 1000 dollars. The last path to take is the do-it-yourself invite. The cost behind this depends completely on you. If you have a friend who is a graphics designer, you can take their help, you get to pick the type of paper yourself and handle the duty of postage. If you are looking to pour most of the budget into the wedding, you can opt for the DIY online version. If you know someone who is fairly competent with graphics, take their help and just send out a few hundred invites at the bare minimum of cost. This may sound tacky but as mentioned before, the majority of your guests do not really care and you have more to spend on the wedding.

Going with a do-it-yourself online invitation saves you the most on your wedding invitations. You can also hire a professional graphics designer that is also an affordable option. It is always a good idea to have a few printed copies for elderly guests and of course, one for you to frame and hang on the wall.

Then again, you might want a few hundred, gold embroidered papyrus invitation cards, if so, it will send you back a few bucks.



How to create an event budgeting template

Planning an event can be extremely hectic and highly stressful. If you are hiring a professional to help you, it might not be so bad. However, if you are self catering, the whole procedure could be a sheer nightmare. You can get around it if you plan everything out from the get go. Creating a budget should always be the first step when you are planning an event. Tent rentals Toronto experts say that the hardest part of a budget is to include a line item for everything you will need. This is the most important aspect to creating a realistic budget for your party. The template for an event budget is quite simple; you can either use Microsoft excel or Google Docs.

These aspects should be included in every budget template:

No.1: Your template should have columns with all the details you will need to plan the event, such as items, actual cost etc. According to the tent rentals Toronto professionals, any details of the budget that needs special attention should be highlighted or should be tagged with a note. When creating the budget, include everything and anything where money could be spent.

No.2: Each item should have a description section directly beside it. For example, the venue item should have a description of the maximum capacity of visitors and maximum percentage of funds you can allocate towards it.

No.3: If you are organizing a large event and you have people helping you out, include a tasks section in your template. This shows exactly who is in charge of what and ensures that no one skips out on their responsibilities. It also brings more cohesion to the planning team.

No.4: The template should include a final estimated cost and a final actual cost; both of which are a result of all the research you conducted on all the items on your list. Both the final and estimated budget should always be below the total available funds. Before you create this section, you should what the average costs of wedding and event rental items are . When you are using Microsoft excel and Google Docs, calculate the difference between estimated cost, actual cost and available budget. Every template should have this. It is commonly referred to as the safety net. It is the key to organizing a successful event! The safety net is the available funds you have so that you can deal with unforeseen events. Last minute, unexpected expenses could ruin a possibly stellar event. In any budget, 10% of the available funds should be allocated to the safety net. If you are savvy with Excel, you can set up the template in such a way that you receive notifications when the budget is tilting in an undesired direction.

There are also little things to remember when creating your template:

• Have a section for taxes; it is a big expense which is often overlooked.
• For particular events, you may need a projected power section. With a lot of lighting and sound systems, this is one of those unforeseen expenses that could break the bank.
• Always calculate staff expenses based on the maximum number of attendees.

This is what every single event budget template should include and how it should be structured. For particularly large events, using Excel or Docs may prove to be problematic. For this reason, there are specific event budgeting systems that are made to simplify the process. It is also wise to hire an expert party planner.

The average cost of Wedding Rental Items

When you are planning your big day, impulse may get the best of you and you may end up going over the top. How much could it possibly cost? According to the BMO investor line, the average cost of a wedding in Canada is $18, 300. However, CBC found that this number is inaccurate. After surveying 2,309 newlyweds, the figure including the cost of the honeymoon was found to be over $31,000. It is not surprising that the wedding rentals Toronto field is a 5 billion dollar industry. With such high numbers, numerous party rental companies have popped up. After all, weddings require numerous rented items and services such as:

  • Chairs, tables and other furniture
  • Glasses, plates, cutlery in general
  • Decorations
  • Tents (Outdoor wedding)
  • Venue

So how much will each of these items cost you?

Furniture: Simple plastic folding chairs will cost around $1.25 a chair; a complimentary 4 foot long rectangular table will cost around $6 each. This is the cheapest dinner seating arrangement available. Most people consider this look to be tacky and prefer the wooden chairs and tables. A wooden chair, or a classy bamboo chair with padded cushions usually go for $3 each and the corresponding circular wooden table with a 48 inch diameter cost around $7.  As seen on many wedding rentals Toronto websites, the 60 inch table which seats around 8 people will go for $11 each, the pricier seats are straight-backed ball room chairs which cost about $8 each. There are options party rental companies have that will really break the bank, if you are looking for period piece, decorative chairs, you can get them. Just be ready to shell out a minimum of $75 per chair. Linen is usually considered to be part of the furniture package and a tablecloth will cost 0.25 cents per napkin, $5 for a tablecloth and 20$ for the banquet version. These are the basic costs of the furniture which will be similar for every party rental company but when hiring such a company watch out for additional costs. A lot of companies, will charge a deliver cost, like 0.25 cents per unit, or will charge gas or in some instances for labour. When renting furniture, go with the company that gives the best deal based on bulk. Most companies will offer a deal, based on how much volume you are looking to rent.

Cutlery and flat wear: A lot of people will argue that you can easily use disposable cutlery or purchase them for cheaper rather than renting. In all honesty, if you have a big wedding, what will you do with all those plates and glasses afterwards? As for disposable items, unless you are strapped for cash, you do not want to serve your guests wine in bright red beer cups. The costs of plates, forks, spoons and glasses all depend on the type of merchandise you want to use. Expensive dinner sets start at $10 per piece and can be as high as $25 per piece. The cheaper stainless steel forks and simple plates will cost as little as $5 per piece. Again, similar to the furniture, a party rental company will offer discounts depending on the volume.  

Decorations: Most wedding rental companies specialize in supplying unique wedding decorations which leave a lasting impression on the guests. In fact renting wedding decorations often involve the highest rental costs. Flower arrangements start from $70 per arrangement. Fake flowers are much cheaper and range between $5 to $10. LED lighting arrangements range from $1 to $3 per arrangement. The thing with wedding decorations is, rental prices depend on the type of theme and style you are looking for. Depending on your aesthetic preferences the whole set can range anywhere from $1,200 to $35,000 dollars. 

Venue: Renting a venue usually accounts for around 1/3 of the cost of the wedding. The cost of renting a venue all comes down to the capacity of the wedding. Whether you are having an outdoor wedding for which you need to get tents or renting a community centre, it all comes down to the size of the set up. For tents you can chose between either a pole or a frame tent, the rental depends on hours and includes environment control equipment like fans and heaters, lighting and sometimes labour. Small tents cost as little as $500 and it can be as high as $5,000 depending on type, size and add-ons. The flooring for tents range from $1- $2.50 per square foot, and that is if you chose to have a type of flooring rather than going natural and just having grass. For community centres, location is everything. You can rent a small space and cover your catering separately for anywhere between $300 to $900. If you are looking for a water front venue which includes in-house catering, it can cost as much as $50,000 for the event. 

A wedding rental company can practically offer you anything you want, and it’s important to know when you should use one. You can rent a wedding drone for $300 an hour to take aerial wedding photos. You can hire a social media specialist for $3000 to supplement your social media with live tweets and Facebook status updates. The advantage of having such a wide variety of services is that you will find a party rental company that meets your financial needs. If worse comes to worse and you cannot wait to be tied to your one, true love, you can always take a 100 dollar bill and run down to city hall.

When to Use a Party Rental Company

party rental

Throwing a party comes naturally to many people. They just have a natural exuberance that makes them exceptional hosts, they have great taste in decor that appeals to every ones taste and they just know how to have a great time. That being said, self catering is a very stressful job, it requires discipline and exceptional organization skills. In an event where the guest list starts surpassing triple digits, it is recommended that you use a party rental service. Top notch agencies can provide impeccable service and artistic decor to make an event truly memorable.   There are many different types of events one comes across in their lifetime, and there are different party rental agencies that suit the needs of every type. When an event becomes overwhelming, it is not a matter of finances, hiring a professional is just something that you have to do. Here are some of the events that you might want a hire professionals for.


Every single bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. Being near perfect is a job description for most wedding planners. With long guest lists, special needs, lighting, table cloth colours, limo service and the wedding band, there are just too many variables to keep a track off by yourself. An event rental agency does this sort of work for a living; it is their job to keep a track of everything for you. This does not even include the large number of plates, glasses, tables and chairs you will need to acquire for the event. When hiring a party rental service for a wedding, be sure of the type of wedding you plan on having. An outdoor wedding is a different kind of event compared to an indoor wedding. Outdoor weddings require the use of tents, which vary in style. Depending on the type of weather you might encounter, you will need fans, portable heaters and air conditioners. If you encounter a sudden downpour, things as inconspicuous as lighting become a potentially deadly health hazard. Pick a company that specializes in outdoor weddings, rain or shine, hale or firestorm. They will be ready to deal with anything.

 Baby Showers 

Baby showers on the other hand are a little different. The success of a party rental service in the wedding scene may not translate over to baby showers.  The decorations, menu and colour theme of most weddings are very traditional. A baby shower is all about the mother to be and pregnant women have an altered sense of smell, taste and colour schematics. Long story short, professionals that cater to baby showers need a wider range of decorative artistry. They need a broader idea, when it comes to aspects like the menu and colour scheme. A professional will know how to please any new mother to be and design a party that will be especially uplifting.

Catered Events

For catering events you do need a bit of help. For starters, if it is a large event you will need certified food handlers, warming trays and other kitchen appliances that are designed to handle large volumes of perishables. If it is just a small gathering of a dozen people, it is just better to do it yourself.  

Concerts and Carnivals 

This is another niche in the party rental business and it is very different from weddings and catering events. First off, the type of equipment you need is completely different. You need experienced stage builders, concession equipment, crisp audio systems and immiscible surroundings. Travelling carnivals usually cater to themselves; however, if a township wants to through an event for the locals, it is always better to hire a reputable company. These events require a different level of management and organization when compared to weddings. The stage for example, depending on the type of concert, the stage has to be altered. A free flowing rock band will require a large, solid, structurally sound platform. A DJ on the other hand, will need less space, so a more compact design is preferable, allowing more room for the audience. For events like these, you need to hire a company that has a very knowledgeable grasp of audio equipment and a very thorough understanding of decibels (db), watts, make and model. The sound at a rock concert can be as high as 130 db; there are speakers in existence with subwoofers that can produce 10,000 watts. You would not want that kind of equipment at an auction. Another major aspect to consider at such events is safety. At a carnival, you need certified technicians to step up attractions and rides. A good company has a list of their own certified contacts. An auction may put up items of serious value, antique jewellery, valuable artwork, items of great historical significance.. 

Corporate events and Meetings 

Corporate events are an important component for a multitude of businesses, organizations and companies all throughout the year. This could range everywhere from employee appreciation nights, to staff events, to events that will lead to multimillion dollar deals. This is not like a wedding or a concert; it has to be fun while still being business like. Here, the trick is all about generating the right ambiance. It is about finding the right balance between enjoyment and professionalism. In a lot of cases, the successes of such events are imperative. A professional will know what lighting to use. If you hire an expert, even the podium and chairs will be tailored for maximum efficiency. 

Residential Events 

Residential includes mostly in house birthday parties, garage sales and barbecues. Even if it is a large event, the target audience tends to be more laid back and the event itself is normally smaller when compared to other bashes on the list. This is something you might want to tackle yourself, unless you are swamped with work, tired and quite simply, lack the functionality to arrange a party. Hiring an expert for a birthday is always a good idea. The service has numerous props and equipment that appeases both adults and children. Kid’s parties can become a bit of a whirlwind and it is always nice to have a bit of extra help. Themed events can also be included in this category, since most of them tend to be of a personal nature. Experts can provide the right props to really make the event come alive. In the last half a decade or so, themed parties have gained great popularity and in some cases notoriety.

In Conlusion

There are many different types of events that have to be organized throughout the course of the year and there are many specialized experts in each field. Whether you are throwing an extravagant wedding or a posh VIP only grand opening, an expert gives you that freedom, that piece of mind.


Party Rentals Toronto: Spring Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a baby shower is almost as exciting as staring your newborn right into their eyes the very moment they are placed into your hands. Spring themed baby showers are extremely fun to both plan and attend. As your party rentals Toronto experts, we have decided to provide you with some of the most popular baby showers themes that are used during the spring season.

Bee Themed Party Rentals

party rentals toronto










A Bee themed baby shower is a great way to express your love for spring through your décor. There are many items available at local party rentals Toronto stores that will assist you with the entire decoration process. For this specific theme, make use of colours black and yellow. This represents the appearance of a bee as well as the bright yellow sun in the spring time.

Nautical Themed Party Rentals

 Creating a nautical look is a great way to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! You can create loot bags that have boats and stripes on them. Allow your guests to feel like they are about to sail away to the best baby shower of the year by making the outside of your tent look like a boat. 

Lady Bug Themed Party Rentals

 Party Rentals







The lady bug theme is extremely popular for the mothers who know they are having a girl. The beautiful clash of black and red is very welcoming and will create a positive atmosphere for your party. When you are shopping for party rentals in Toronto, stick to the red and black theme. You can also incorporate some white for added elegance. 

Baby Elephant Themed Party Rentals

Baby elephants are an ultimate favourite! They are extremely cute and can easily enhance the look of any baby shower. You can include some edible baby elephant treats on the following desserts:

  • Cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Ice cream
  • Cookies

In addition to this, you can rent dishes and place some mini elephant sculptures on top of them. 

Sunflower Themed Party Rentals

Party Rental

What better way is there to represent spring than incorporating some sunflowers into your baby shower? Whether you decide to rent plastic or real sunflowers, the appearance alone will grant you with amazing results. If you are not too knowledgeable about how to decorate flowers, you can always hire an expert florist.

Party Rentals Toronto Services

There have been many party rental services put in place in order to assist you with planning the best event. Whether you want to host the most elegant spring wedding, or just a simple family event, you are in good hands once you have been connected with some of Toronto’s best party rental companies. By contacting an expert today, you are one step away from hosting the event of your dreams.

How to Host the Most Elegant Spring Wedding

Party Rental


The dream of every bride is to host an elegant wedding that presents guests with stupendous views and unforgettable experiences. Our wedding rental Toronto specialists know exactly what you need in order to host a wedding that will present you with nothing but positive results.

Wedding Attire

The Bride: Many brides opt for white when they are in the process of shopping for the perfect wedding dress. Although that is absolutely fine, you should step outside of the box and wear a bright colour that will complement the beautiful greenery around you. Our experts suggest wearing a dress that is lightly shaded. To go with the spring theme, many wedding rental Toronto experts agree that light pink is the most attractive colour.

The Groom: dressing the groom in ultimately easier than dressing his bride to be. Try to find a tuxedo that is white –and steer away from black. Again, let’s try stepping outside of the box!

Brides’ Maids and Grooms: Choosing who your brides’ maids and grooms are going to be is definitely easier than dressing them! To simplify the process of frantically searching for what colour to wear, you should stick to a generic shade that is highly favoured during the spring season. Here are some ideas in terms of colours:

  • Light orange
  • Light blue
  • Light green
  • Light yellow

Chair Layout

One of the most popular chairs during the spring season is the Chiavari Chair. Above the many chairs that we offer, many people have ordered our Resin Crystal Chiavari Chair. For added elegance, and to tie into the spring theme, place a flower on the back end of the chair. Here’s an example of how beautiful the Resin Crystal Chair looks at a spring wedding:

tent rental


A centrepiece is an item that automatically catches the attention of many people. In fact, your centrepiece is one of the most important decorative items that will be in use during your wedding. With that being said, it is extremely imperative for you to ensure to order centre pieces that are relevant to the overall spring theme. Choosing to display a flower centrepiece is always a great idea. You can either order one huge centrepiece for the middle of the table, or individual flower centerpieces that will form a line along the middle of any rectangular table.

The Ceremony

Have your flower girl carry a wooden basket that is filled with beautiful white flower petals. While she is walking down the aisle, have her gently throw the petals into the air so that they elegantly land on the grass.

You should have some flowers already laid out on the ground so that the spring scene is already set for your guests.

party rental toronto


The Tent

Last but most certainly not least, you need an extravagant tent. Our frame tents have been sought out by thousands of people across the GTA due to beautiful look in which they display. When it comes to designing your frame tent, use spring-friendly items such as:

  • Flowers
  • Crystals
  • Jewels
  • Greenery
  • Hearts


Understanding how to plan an event is a huge bonus.

Advice From the Best Event Planners in the Industry

party rental

Have you ever wondered how the top event planners have the ability to organize a large variety of successful events? Do you know what it takes in order to run an event that ends up being a huge success? Our party rental experts understand how important it is for your event to receive positive results, and so, we have reached out to some of top party planners in order to see how they effectively do their job.

After speaking to tons of party planners, we realized there was one word that was mentioned over ten times by each person, and that word was, “organization.” Before you even think of the many ways in which you can run an event, you must ensure you are capable of being organized. Let’s be honest, not every person is fit for every roll in the party rental industry. Some people are more organized than others. Studies show that most event planners are woman due to the fact that they have better organization and multitasking skills in comparison to men. Now that we have covered the main skill you need in order to plan an event, we’ll move on to tip number two. You need to give yourself enough time to plan your event. Regardless of the amount of people you have helping you, you must ensure your goal is realistic. To be realistic, you need about 2-3 weeks to actually plan a party. Some of the top event planners told us that they give themselves 4 weeks or more in some cases, especially if they’re planning a wedding. Another imperative tip is knowing how to promote your event. If the event is private, then you can simply send invitations via email or text. However, if it public, then you can hire a promoter or invite people through the major social media channels; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Hiring a promoter is probably your best bet if you’re not too familiar with social media or if you don’t have a lot of tech savvy friends. The price for promoting a party varies drastically. Some people charge per hour, whereas other will just charge per day. Look up some of the top promoters and see what they can do for you in terms of pricing. Some of them offer deals depending on the season. In the summer time, the price for promoting a party increases by about 30%. Once the word is out there about your event, you should ensure all of the people involved in your party are still on the same boat as you.

As mentioned above, organization is key. According to the event planners that we spoke to, one of the main reasons for failed events is the fact that the host doesn’t communicate properly with the others that are involved. If you have certain performances happening, always ensure those people are ready to present. It’s always best to have a few rehearsals before the actual event. That’ll give you a chance to see how the live event will actually be. Last but not least, make sure you have a list of all of your rental items. Your local rental company should know the exact amount of items you need and where you need them. In order to receive the best results from your party, remain calm and always remember that organization is extremely important.

Summer is approaching! Do you know how to plan the perfect pool party?

Summer Pool Party Tips

Tent rental Toronto







When the sun starts shining, spirits rise and people want to enjoy themselves. There’s no better way to do that than to host a fantastic pool party!

Tent rental Toronto companies have received an immense amount of inquires for pole tents, specifically for people who are hosting a pool party. A pole tent is great because it provides your guests with shade, and still allows the fresh air to enter and circulate throughout its body. Pole tents can be securely drilled into the ground and they are normally set up and taken down by the rental experts. Along with your tent, you should have some fun games set up. Your guests most likely want to do more than just swim and chat; they want to have fun too. Set up volleyball net in the pool so that they can have a quick game. Another great game is basketball; you really can’t go wrong with that! Your local tent rental Toronto professionals have a vast variety of rental equipment that is suited for fun pool parties. Apart from games, you can have some entertainment and great music. Seeing how the sun is shining, play some music that is uplifting and fun. Try not to play slow songs that will eventually put people to sleep. Live performances are always fun at pool parties. You can look up a local band or even some upcoming artists and see if they’d be available to show up at your party. People are looking to have a good time, so, they’ll pretty much be okay with whatever you play. When it comes to your menu, it’s best to have a vast variety of finger foods. Burgers, hotdogs and chicken are amongst some of the most popular foods for pool parties. You don’t want to give out anything that will be too heavy on your guest’s stomach. After all, they’ll be dancing and swimming half the time. Choosing a theme for your pool party is also a great idea. Keep in mind that the idea of a pool party is for people to feel lively and care free. In saying that, some great ideas for themes include; Hawaii theme, celebrity party, all white, and disco. Set a dress code that’s most interesting and different so that your guests can get creative. You could even have a best dressed contest and give out a prize to the person who looks the ultimate best. To make it even more interesting, allow your guests to vote amongst themselves. The overall process of planning a pool party should be fun! Try not to stress too much and remain calm even when you feel like things may be falling apart. The great thing about a pool party is that it’s already fun without you having to do much. Just keep your guests entertained and ensure they aren’t full or thirsty 24/7. Speaking of thirst, always ensure you have enough water and other refreshments for your guests to drink. They will definitely get thirsty as the sun continuously beats on their bodies. Learning how to plan the best barbeque is also a bonus as the summer months are quickly approaching. If you don’t think you’re the best party planner, you can always call on a professional for assistance, or ask some of your friends to volunteer. No matter what, the help will always be there.



How to Plan the Entertainment Portion of Your Event


Planning an event is definitely a lot of work and Toronto party rental experts can undeniably lift some of that stress from off of your shoulders. The key to planning the entertainment portion of a party is to have patience, set up a program, rehearse and make sure your entertainers are prepared to perform.

Before anything, you need to have a strict entertainment plan in place. This should include who will be entertaining, how long their performance is, what equipment they need, etc. For this portion, it’s imperative for you to communicate with the DJ and the person running the sound system. Why? Well, if some of your performers need a certain video to play, or maybe even a certain type of lighting, then they’re going to need someone to set that all up for time – and it must be done correctly. Toronto party rental stores have tons of supplies available that are specifically there to assist you with the entertainment portion of your event. You can rent stages, a red carpet, lighting and more! It’s also important to remember to rehearse before the actual event. This step requires for your performers to be available so that you can ensure your event runs smoothly. Some people end up skipping this step and are hit with the issue of having to distract the crowd while a crisis is happening. You don’t want to be in a situation where the crowd is waiting, or possibly booing, due to the fact that your entertainers aren’t ready and your sound person has no idea what he/she is doing. When I say rehearse, I don’t just mean once or twice and I also don’t just mean right before the actual event. If you’re having an important event like a wedding, then you should rehearse weeks, maybe even months before your event. Setting up a program is probably the wisest thing to do. Your program should include who is performing, what they need for their performance and how long it will be. In addition to this, you should also include what’s being served, who the speakers are, and other important points that the emcee may need. Promoting your event is also an important step to take. This ensures guests will attend your party and all of your hard work won’t go to waste! Now, prepping your entertainers for their performance is crucial. You must ensure they are 100% ready to blow some minds away. This portion of your event can either make or break the entire atmosphere. When it comes to figuring out what to do for entertainment, you should try to cater to your crowd. For example, if you’re having a party and most of the people there love salsa, then include some unique salsa dance that they can watch or even get up and join in. Interacting with the crowd during any performance allows for it to be a more interesting and joyous experience for them. Regardless of the theme, or the background of your guests, it never hurts to include singers, dancers, magicians, and poets on your program. So long as they’re prepped and ready to go, your event will be a success. Don’t hesitate to contact a rental expert for more information, tips and tricks.

Expert Party Promotion Ideas, Tips and Tricks!

One of the most important aspects when it comes to having an event is proper promotion. If you successfully reach your target audience, you can guarantee hundreds, if not thousands of guests. Our expert party rental Toronto team members have a plethora of ideas in regards to promoting your next event. By following their advice, you can guarantee excellent results.

Before anything, you need to figure out who your target audience is. Where do they live? What is their gender? How old are they? By asking all of these questions, you can put a list of names together and begin move onto the next step. Now, once your list is finished, decided where and how you would like to promote. If you’re working with a team, always ensure you guys are all on the same page. You can even assign one platform to each person. For example, one person handles Instagram and the other one handles Facebook. It has been proven that people receive the most results through social media, texting and emailing. Communicate with your guests through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn messaging, emailing, handing out flyers and text messaging. Every one of these marketing techniques has been proven to work and is continuously used by major promoters. If your event is public, ask others to share it and invite their friends as well. If your event is private, don’t forget to tell your friends to contact you before they decide to invite others. You don’t want to be in a situation where you planned to invite 45 people, however, 100 came! If you’re promoting an event that costs money, there are many different avenues you can take in order to sell a lot of tickets. Party rental Toronto experts advise people to use marketing techniques that provide guests with incentives. For example, the person who refers the most people to your event gets $100. Incentives like these encourage others to invite more people to your event, ensuring it’s a success.


All in all, your goal should be to reach out to every single person in your target market. Paid advertising is also a great idea when you are throwing an event. You can advertise on radio stations and websites, amongst many other places. Always ensure your ads are placed on relevant websites and communicated on relevant radio stations. If you’re hosting a hip hop event, then advertise on urban radio stations and websites.


Advertising on websites and stations that are not relevant will only result in a lot of wasted money. Speaking of money, you should always have a budget in mind. How much do you want to spend on promotion? Are you going to pay your team members for helping? Are you giving out incentives? Once you know exactly what your plans are, and you have a budget in mind, you’re pretty much good to go! A lot of promoters have received great feedback due to their determination and organization efforts. If you want a lot of guests to attend your event, you need to promote every single day! Don’t let days go by without promoting or asking your guests to share your event with their friends. Once you slack off, you end up putting yourself in a position that every promoter avoids. If you want to receive a high return on your investment, or if you just want to have a good time, you need to remain focused and diligent. Party planning can be a drag, especially if your event is extremely important, like a wedding for example. Luckily for you, there are many convenient resources like The Most Useful Wedding Checklist.

The Most Useful Wedding Checklist

I’ve been happily married for five months now, and I must say, it’s been great so far. Yes, I’m still in the early stages of marriage, but I’ve been with my husband for ten years. After he proposed to me, to many people’s surprise, it was me who actually delayed the actually wedding. I wasn’t only nervous, but I didn’t think I could organize such a huge event and I didn’t have the money to hire an event planner. After receiving some positive insight from friends, family members, the internet and party rental experts, I decided to “man up” and begin planning my wedding.

Before anything, I created a wedding checklist. This checklist somehow went from my sister, to her friend, to her friend’s friend and so on. It helped a whole bunch of brides and brooms with their wedding planning strategy. And so, I have decided to officially make it public, in hopes of assisting you with you extremely exciting event!

The Checklist:

  • Invitations

When it comes to invitations, you should be unique. Whether you send them through email or hand them to your guests in person, there should be something that pulls them in. Check this blog about Party Invitation Ideas That Will Blow Your Guests Away.


  • Flowers

You need flowers that will completely blow your guests away. You can hire an expert who can specifically arrange the flower decorations for you, or you can rent from a local company. I personally visited a rental company and chose the flowers that I fell in love with. They were beautiful red roses that matched my bridesmaid’s outfits.


  • Videographer and Photographer

My pictures came out fantastic and I believe that’s mainly due to the fact that I told them what my “must have” shots were. Give your expert a list of shots and videos that you really need to have. Don’t forget to ask them for a breakdown of costs and if there are any last minute or addition fees for certain requests.


  • Setting Up Your Venue

If you don’t have an event planner, always ensure you have everything you need for the venue. In most cases, the venue staff members will assist you with this for an extra fee. Make sure you have all of the rental equipment that you need. In an event that you are missing a few items, simply call your party rental company and have them deliver it to you. They are usually available 24/7 in the case of last minute emergencies. Ensuring your venue is set up and ready to go ahead of time will prevent delays and larger issues.


  • Food, dessert, and drinks

In my opinion, it’s easier to order from one catering company or from the venue that your location will be held at. My rental company provided catering equipment for the staff members at the venue. This made it much easier for them to operate in a timely manner. When it comes to food, figure out what your menu is going to be. Don’t forget to cater to vegans, vegetarians, and those with allergies to peanuts.

Your drinks should be fun and enticing. Try including some unique beverages such as; Pena coladas and Shirley temples. Fruit smoothies are also a great option. My guests loved those!


  • Entertainment and Speeches

This is a big part of your event. You want to ensure that your guests remained entertained and your speakers are ready to go. Double check with the people on the program to ensure they are indeed prepared to present. The last thing you want is a group of people who have no idea what they’re doing.

In terms of music, ensure the DJ knows what to play and when to play it. If specific performances require specific sound tracks, always double check to make sure the DJ is aware of what to play.


Most importantly…

Rehearse! Rehearsing your entire wedding multiple times will increase the likelihood of it being a complete success! Schedule to rehearse at a time that is convenient for those involved, and if there are certain people who are never available, then you might not want them to apart of this event.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your big day!

How to Prepare For Your Big Event

Planning an event is known to be both stressful and discombobulating, but does it have to be? No! The Toronto tent rentals experts are here to remind you what to rent, consider and do so that your next event is extremely successful.


What to Consider

During the party planning process, there are a plethora of things in which you should consider. Our experts have listed them below:

  • A Theme: is there anything you enjoy doing that you would like to display to your guests? Do you want to have the same old party or do you want to be original? Considering a theme is an excellent idea if you want to throw an amazing party.
  • Parking: if you’re having a huge party, you must ensure there is enough space for everybody to park. Do some research on your venue and see if they have at least double the amount of spots that you’ll need.
  • The food: is the food being catered? Are you cooking? Is there enough food for everyone? The worst thing to do is make a mistake when it comes to the whole food aspect of your event. You should always have a few extra food items available just in case people want seconds or if a few extra people show up last minute.
  • Entertainment: who is performing? Are they all prepared? Entertainment is a huge aspect of any event. Without entertainment, your event is pretty much nothing. Prior to you event, double check with the people on your program and make sure they’re all prepped and ready to blow the minds of your guests.
  • Timing: how long will you event be? Can all that you have planned be done by the time your event ends? Most venues have strict time limits and they must be followed regardless of what you have planned. Always draft up a daily schedule and make sure you follow it to the T.


What to Rent

Acquiring items from a Toronto tent rentals company is a very wise idea. A reputable company will have high quality items and they often offer delivery and pick up services. Here are some of the main rental items:

  • Tents
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Table cloths
  • Cutlery items
  • Entertainment equipment
  • Décor
  • Candy machines
  • Games

We’ve conducted a survey to see how successful parties were that used a rental company versus how successful they were when they didn’t use a rental company. The question asked was, “was your party a success?” Take a look at the results below.


Before You Hire a Professional

It’s clear that hiring a rental company is an amazing idea – especially looking at the survey results above. Reputable companies are known for their skill to assist hosts with throwing an amazing party. If you are thinking of hiring a company, always ensure do a background check on them – how long have they been operating? Are they prepared for your party? Do they have the equipment you need? How are their online reviews?

Have Fun

If you follow all of the advice above, there’s absolutely no reason as to why you should stress. The rental experts know exactly what to do and how to simplify the entire party planning process allowing you to enjoy a night of fun!

Party Invitation Ideas That Will Blow Your Guests Away

Are you aware of the fact that the appearance of your invitation can have a significant effect on whether your guests will attend or not? Party rentals Toronto experts have come to the conclusion that a well showcased invitation will result in almost everybody showing up at your event. The way your guests are invited to your event gives them an idea of how your event will be. A fun invitation equals a fun event. If you’re the best at coming up with unique, creative invitation ideas, then take a look at some of the main ones below!


Pencil Invitation:

How cool would it be to include a pencil on the inside of your invitation so that your guests can take note of the details of your event right away? This is not only unique, but it decreases the chances of your guests forgetting when your event is. You can even include a calendar inside of your invitation.


Scratch Card:

Even if your guests aren’t lotto ticket lovers, it’s always fun to scratch a card in order to see what’s behind it! Surprise your guests with a scratch ticket and attach a penny or something with the invitation as well. Include some instructions so that your guests know they much scratch the ticket in order to see the date, time and location of your event.


Video Clip:

Gather up all of your guests’ emails, or even cell phone numbers, and send them a video clip of yourself (or anyone else) inviting them to your event. If you’re having a wedding, it would be very romantic to include your husband or wife in the video. You guys could even share a cute hug or kiss at the end!


Flow Chart:

Not only is this fun, but extremely different too. You would normally see flow charts in magazines and newspapers – but rarely in an invitation. Here’s an example of a flow chart below:

You could say something like, “are you doing anything on (date of your event)?” If they say yes, then your flow chart could end with, “we are truly sorry that you’re unable to make it to our event!” If they choose no, then you can continue on with the next statement/question. Be sure to include all of te information that they need.


Balloon Invite:

Party rental Toronto experts don’t just seen balloons being used at parties anymore! They have also received requested to order custom made balloons for their clients. From your local party store, you can order balloons that include all of the information about your event on them so that when your guests blow them up, they can clearly see where/when your event is! This idea is one of the most unique and rare ones yet.


Photo Collage:

Collages are always fun to make and they display an immense amount of pictures that showcase some great times. Make a collage that is compiled of your face, and maybe some close friends too. If this is for your wedding or engagement party, include some pictures of you and your spouse.


Invitation in a Bottle:


Regardless of your theme, delivering your guests a bottle with their invitation inside of it is a great idea. You’re giving them a taste of the olden days with a bit of a more modern touch. You could even choose the bottle that holds your favourite beverage. And speaking of beverages, check out our Top Party Beverage Ideas blog.


Have fun!

Exclusive: Top Party Beverage Ideas

top party

Drinks are one of the most important aspects during the process of planning an event. In the party rental industry, experts have noted what most people look for at an event; good food, refreshing drinks, entertainment and convenience. Without these things, you can expect upset guests who can’t wait to go home or find another party to enjoy.


Fruit Punch

You really can’t go wrong with some simple fruit punch. This drink can be used to all event types – from children’s parties to adult galas. Some popular fruits that taste great together are:

  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Grapes
  • Lemons (just a hint)
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches


Real Fruit Smoothie

Have you ever sipped a smoothie and instantly felt like you were in heaven? Almost everybody loves smoothies – so why not serve some to your guests? You can either mix a bunch of fruits together or incorporate the following smoothie mixes below:

  • Strawberry banana smoothie
  • Berry and apple smoothie
  • Mixed fruits smoothie
  • Apple and lime smoothie

You can also add some yogurt into the mix!


Bloody Mary Punch

This punch is extremely popular at mature events. It’s most definitely one of the most sought out drinks for many reasons. Party rental companies often see it being served in beautiful cocktail glasses. In roder to make a Bloody Mary, you need:

  • Lime juice
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Celery sticks
  • Old bay seasoning
  • Hot sauce
  • Vegetable juice



Sparkling Apple Juice

This is another beverage that can be served at any event as it high favoured by both children and adults. Sparkling apple juice presents you with a taste of healthy apples as well as the stingy feel on your tongue from the acidy soda. You can easily purchase this beverage at any local grocery store, or you can make it yourself. All you need are some apples and club soda. This is a great beverage to serve at any surprise party!


How To Plan The Best Surprise Party


Grape Juice

Grape juice is a drink that is served at more of an informal event, such as, a barbeque. It has become increasingly popular over the years and seems to be loved by mainly adults. You can add something sugar to your grape juice mix, however, it’s pretty sweet on its own.


Rum Punch

If you were to choose one beverage to have your event – it should be rum punch! Of course, if everybody is of age. This drink is an ultimate favourite. With its combination of fresh fruit and high quality rum, you can guarantee happy guests. Rum punch tastes so good; people often find themselves feeling a little intoxicated after a few glasses. It’s wise of you to limit the amount of glasses per guest – especially if they are driving home!


Mojito with Rum

You can’t go wrong with a Mojito! This drink is popular in night clubs and adult affairs. It’s not easy to make the perfect Mojito, it takes time and a little bit of expertise. However, once you perfect it, you’ll enjoy it to the fullest. Most bartenders use the following ingredients:

  • 3 mint leaves
  • Club soda
  • ½ ounce of rum juice
  • 2 ounces of white rum
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar

With these ingredients, there’s no doubt that both you and your guests will enjoy this beverage!

Tips for Planning the Best Surprise Party



Have you ever wanted to surprise a close friend, significant other, or family member but you have not one clue how to do it? Well, I felt the same way. My sister was turning 21 and I wanted to surprise her but I had not one clue what to do or how I should start. So, I asked my fellow tent rentals Toronto experts a few questions and just like that I was able to pull off an amazing surprise party. Here’s what I did:


Before Planning The Actual Party…

I made a list of guests. Now, my sister and I don’t have mutual friends so I had to ask her best friend to help me out by getting me the numbers and/or emails of all of their friends. If your guest of honour doesn’t have the same friends as you, you can reach out to them by doing exactly what I did or you can take their phone when they’re not looking and quietly collect some information.

After making my list of guests, I sent out the invitations. It is imperative for you to remember to clearly state that the event is indeed a surprise. You can say something like, “this is a surprise. DO NOT tell Sally.” Try to mention that about 3-4 times before the actual event. If you’re the type to send invitations out months earlier that the actual event, your guests can very well forget that it’s a surprise.

Get a few helpers. You’ll need someone to assist you with your game plan. What are you going to tell the guest of honour? I told my sister we were meeting Mom and Dad for dinner at 7pm so she had to look fancy. I got a lot of great ideas from the tent rentals Toronto team as to what I should say to her in order to trick her into attending her amazing party.

Tell your guests to come 30 minutes before the guest of honour arrives! You don’t want her/him to see all of their friends entering the very same building as them. That would completely ruin the surprise!

Once you have your team of helpers, your game plan and lists of guests, you can move onto other tasks.


Stay Organized

Organizing a surprise party can be extremely stressful; however, I’ve come to find out that it doesn’t really need to be. Here are a few tips you can us in order to ensure you remain organized and have a blast:

  • Make sure everybody on your team is aware of your plans
  • Double check with the venue to ensure they are ready for your guest of honour
  • Create a checklist of things you need to rent from your local tent rentals Toronto shop
  • Send out reminder invitations to all guests and don’t forget to tell them once again that it is a surprise
  • Make sure your guest of honour is indeed available on the day that you have chosen for the party
  • Ensure the food, entertainment and music is all in place and good to go


Have fun! Try not to stress. Personally, my event was a blast and I’m probably the most disorganized personal on the planet. I also love to procrastinate. But by following the tips above, I was able to throw an amazing surprise party.

How To Pull Off A 5 Star Event With Little To No Planning Time

Sometime last month, I pulled over a 5 start event in just 2 weeks. Many people continuously ask me how I was able to do such a thing. There was amazing food, interesting party rental supplies, entertainment and more. The guests were happy, full and amused from the very beginning to the very end. But how? How was I able to pull it off? I’ll explain below:

party time

  1. Know The Date

As stated before, I only had 2 weeks until party time. My sister was initially in charge of the event but she unfortunately become ill. Anyways, before planning for your event, you need to set a date. As soon as you’re aware of when your event will be, you can begin to plan accordingly. This also helps to avoid the act of procrastination.


  1. Get a Head Count

It is crucial to know exactly how many people will be at your event. In my case, I sent out reminder invitations and told guests to RSVP as soon as possible. Once I received a response from a majority of the guests invited, I began to move onto the next step. If you find that your guests aren’t responding to your emails in a timely matter, kindly remind them that in order for you to throw your event – they need to reply. That usually prompts them to respond right away.


  1. The Venue

Once the date has been set and you have a strong idea of the amount of people that will be in attendance, it’s time to call around and find a reputable venue. To your benefit, many party rental companies have connections with venues that have proven to manage immaculate events. Although reviews are great, it’s also important to do your own research and ask a lot of probing questions.

Before you actually book the venue, you should always book a time to walk around and see how it looks face to face. Sometimes pictures online can be enhance and edited which manipulates the human eye. Once you visit the venue in person, you can see the true condition of everything.

Always ensure that there are enough bathrooms and that the venue is located somewhere convenient. Some people refrain from researching little things that end up making or breaking their event. I didn’t have much time to research, so I decided to make a list of everything that I required so that I could show it to the manager.


  1. Apparel and Theme

Will your event be casual or formal? What do your guests need to wear? What kind of theme are you aiming for? These questions are all important as they will determine the type of decorations that are set up at your venue. If the event if formal, you may want to rent some flowers, table runners, pintuck table cloths, etc. If the event is not formal, you may have plastic plates and cups, plastic table cloths and other simple items.

If you have a specific dress code in mind, be sure to include it in either bold or capital letters when you are sending out your invitations. You can always send an email or a text message in order to ensure your guests get the memo.

When you are pressed for time, and you need to find a theme ASAP, you can either choose the red carpet theme or just a simple casual “no themed” party.


  1. The Menu

The great thing about the food portion is that many venues present you with delicious menus. Try not to choose a menu that is composed of things like peanuts, as many people may be allergic. If you don’t have much time, chicken is always a great option and is also inexpensive. Ask your venue if they also offer separate menus for vegans and vegetarians.


  1. Set a Budget

Without a budget, you’ll end up spending a whole bunch of money! I set a budget of $3,000 and ended up saving $400! I was quite surprised.



Always have fun and try not to stress too much. If you have decided to rent from a party rental company, they will definitely give you some more imperative advice.

How to Throw a Beach Party

Beach parties are a great way to gather all your friends or family (or both) and enjoy a relaxed day. Although it’s going to be very laid back and chill, it still does require some planning, as many party rentals Toronto experts are aware.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick a venue. You can’t have a beach party without choosing what beach you want everyone to go to. You should look into all your local beaches and see what they have to offer as well as the reviews people leave about the beach. You’ll want to choose a beach that is fairly close to everyone and is clean so everyone can enjoy the view as well as the feel of the beach. You may even want to go and view the beach before you decide to choose it as your venue. It is possible that you could need a permit to have a party on the beach, so be sure to look into this ahead of time.

Once you figure out which beach you’re going to, you’ll want to decide what time of day your party will be. This will determine a lot of factors for your party. If you choose 2 or 3 in the afternoon, people could have already eaten making it unnecessary for you to cater food. If you decide to have your party in the evening, party rentals Toronto experts advise you to consider making it into a bonfire party. Timing is everything. You’ll also want to consider who is coming to the party when deciding these things. If you are inviting your whole family, from grandparents to young children, you may want to do it in the middle of the day when everyone is available and nap times are over. If it’s a bunch of older teenagers, possibly college kids, you may want to have your party later in the evening.

You want to make your invitations very festive to fit the event. You are very free to do whatever you want with invitations for an event like this because it’s meant to be fun. You also want to be sure you add your phone number and the address of the beach you guys are going to on the invitations just in case anyone has questions or needs clarification.

As far as food, you want to keep it simple and easy. Fruits that everyone enjoys like watermelon or mangoes are good for the beach and easy for everyone to carry around their own serving. You also may want to consider bringing things to barbeque like hot dogs and burgers. If you’re going really fancy for this party, you will probably want to get a caterer to help in the food department.

When it comes to the day of the party you’ll want to bring a speaker along with you so you can have your own playlist going of music you like. You also want to make sure you leave about 2 to 3 hours before the party actually begins so that you can get everything set up before everyone gets there. Of course this time will depend on how far the beach is from you so adjust accordingly. Party rentals Toronto urge you to be prepared for anything, so pack extra towels, a bathing suit, any games that you an all play, and lots and lots of snacks. Enjoy.

The Right Tent for a Wedding

On your wedding day you want everything to be absolutely perfect. Men will tell you that it matters more for the women but although we will never admit it, we kind of care too. Tents add a very organic feel to a wedding and help keep your guests sheltered. You can really open it up, so that it feels nowhere near as claustrophobic as a stacked indoor party. When you look for a tent for the day, there are three factors you want to consider, size, aesthetics and of course budget.

According to many tent rentals Toronto experts, there are two types of tents to consider for such an occasion, Pole Tents and Frame Tents.


Pole Tents: Pole tents are better for smaller gatherings. Since they are almost always cheaper than frame tents, they are easier on the pockets.

There are a wide range of sizes depending on your required capacity and you can find one for pretty cheap that will meet your demands. You do not need to be well versed in rocket science to set one up and it takes less time to erect. They have to be staked into the ground, so you need a softer surface but being outside is the whole idea of a tent wedding.

A disadvantage is that you need a much larger clearing. Pole tents cannot be set up in your own back yard. For a decent sized tent you need about six to eight feet of free space surrounding the tent for the stakes and anchor ropes. Another con is, being called a pole tent; there are usually poles in the middle of them. Your friends have a bit too much to drink, they start bumping into things and before you know it, the whole house could come crashing down, literally. Other than that most people consider it to be the more visually attractive option of the two because of its swooping roofs.


Frame Tents: Frame tents can be put up on any surface, so you can work better with the space you have. You can attach different sizes and shapes together to create your own designs. It gives you the opportunity to really go all out with your creativity. You do not have to worry about the thing collapsing on you because it has no internal obstructions that could get knocked over. It is also more resistant to the elements and wear and tear. As a result you can leave it out for longer, this is better for cultures that like to draw out their celebrations for days.

It does take a lot longer to set up though and if you want to connect different sizes and frames together, you are looking at a full day’s work or more. It is also the more expensive option of the two and you need to have liners to hide the frame from view, which just adds to the cost. As a matter of fact, some liners are three times the cost of the tent. Unfortunately most liners are made of flammable material. If the climate on your special day needs the use of heating and cooling equipment, you might want to be careful. That being said you have a greater array of designs to choose from when dealing with frame tents.


You can always opt for a community centre as opposed to an open air concept, makes planning the wedding a little easier. If you do want a tent to add a bid of old school, medieval romanticism, these are the two structural types you would want to look at. You can always rent one for the day from many tent rentals Toronto stores.
Extravagant Party Themes

A few years back I had a roommate that loved themed parties. Toga parties, board game parties, astronauts and aliens. I particularly liked the last one, since I am a foreigner I pulled of the illegal alien act quite well. She was so serious that any gathering of a dozen people or more, had to have a theme, no surprise, Halloween was her favourite time of the year. Whenever we threw one of these bashes at our apartment, I would closely observe my friends. They would turn their places upside down looking for something that would prevent them from looking completely buffoonish. If all else fails, go to the closest tent rentals Toronto store. Nowadays themed parties are all the rage, all the cool kids are doing it. So there are some essential supplies every such store should have in stock that meets the needs of all their customers.


Pet Costumes: Canadians spend more money of their pets than any other nationality. In Vancouver, ‘bring your bunny to yoga’ is becoming quite popular and almost everyone I have recently met has mentioned the cat cafe. It is no surprise that the frequency of costumed pet parties are going up. It is only natural for props stores to be well stacked with easy to wear and comfortable gear for our feline and canine party goers. Just the other day a friend of mine picked up a recherche Krypto the super dog cape for his dog. It is a thing these days.


Period Pieces: According to Martha Stewart Living, 2015’s most common themes for adult parties were period themes. The 20’s, through the swinging 60’s, to the grunge of the 90’s, party goers are developing a taste for rekindling memories of the past. So every party rental store should have decorations and costumes to mimic different time periods. From gowns to posters, to old cocks and may be even an old jukebox. Items that really set the tone for your party.


Movie Themes: Movie themed parties will always be around. There is a Harry Potter bar downtown, the electronic music producer Darth Vader uses a millennium falcon turntable. Movie franchises dictate pop culture, you cannot be a serious player in the props rental industry if you do not have ample material from some of the biggest movie series. The new Stars Wars smashed the 3 billion mark like it was chump change. As long as big budget movies are around, there will be parties following closely behind.


Music Pieces: There are a lot of tent rentals Toronto and party rentals stores that exclusively rent out musical instruments for shows. I use to go to a bar, where every Wednesday, everyone was encouraged to bring an instrument, The whole floor was cleared and there would be little groups in every corner. Some playing jazz, some playing rock and roll and some playing metal. Music themed parties are great fun. Having a little corner in your store that has a portable bass amp, can do wonders for your customer ratings.


Really Adult Gear: Nothing says retro quite like having a black veil at the back of the store, with a sign on it that says ‘over 18 only’. Now you know it is a real party. A lot of people like to think that monogamy is unnatural, they want to celebrate their promiscuity. In actuality, erotic parties are very commonplace. Having a section that has decorations you can put on the wall to get the juices flowing is not such a bad idea. Just make sure all the props are properly sterilized.




Wide Selection of Lights: Gin and soda water gives off an eerie blue glow under black light. Yellow lights can make a room look more transparent, blue on the other hand makes it look more opaque. Our sense of vision is one of our keenest, nothing sets the mood quite like proper lighting.





Princess Theme:


Have you ever thought of doing a princess theme? That’s another well sought out theme that many party rentals Toronto professionals have received questions about. Are you aware of the many ways in which you can decorate your princess themed party? If not, our experts have some great tips for you.

Décor Ideas for a Princess Themed Party

Our party rentals Toronto experts truly believe your princess deserves the best, so it makes the most sense to throw her the best princess themed birthday party. You want to make her feel special and like she is an actual princess. When doing a princess themed party, you should go all out. It’s not just about the tiaras and fancy dresses. You have to create the whole theme and make aspects of the cohesive with the actual party. You want to make her royal dreams come true and make her feel like she’s a princess for the day.

The Invitations

You can customize your party invitations to make them fit the princess them that you are trying to create. You want the princess theme to be known to your guests before they even reach the party. This way they know what to expect when they attend and party rentalknow what to wear and what mood to be in when they arrive. On your invitations you want to make them feel like royalty attending the party. You can use a calligraphist to help you create the invitations or if you’re on a tighter budget, you can print out invitations and use a calligraphy font on them to make them look more royal-like. You could use more terms like “Her Majesty” or “the Royal house of (insert last name here).” And add things like the certain “attire” that the guests should wear to the party. You can even make the invitation look older by dipping the paper in tea water or if you don’t want to go to the extent of doing that, you can dab a wet tea bag on the edges of the paper and then burn them to give it an authentic look.


Colours are Important

You’ll want to use colours that are associated with a princess birthday party like lavender, purple, pink, white, and gold and other colours along that color palate. You could make your house look more like a castle and create flags to go around the house. Many party rentals Toronto professionals would agree that you could use this preparation time to bond with your child and have them add their own spin on their party. You could even wait to create this decoration and have your child’s guests create their own flags to claim as their own during the party. You could event use Photoshop and other picture editing tools to create your own family crests and other sign and symbols for banners and decoration.


The Cake

The cake is one of the most important parts of a party. Because this is a princess party, you’ll probably want to get a princess cake. Don’t be afraid to be very vocal and descriptive with your local bakery about how you want your cake to be. They are there to serve their customers. You also don’t want to be too vague with them about what you want because there is a possibility that you’ll end up with something you don’t love due to lack of communication. Also don’t be afraid to ask how much certain things on the cake will cost before placing an order. You don’t want a simple cake to be an extreme amount of money because you wanted fondant rather than icing.


Throw an Amazing Party!

All in all, you want to throw an amazing party right? Our tent rentals Toronto experts have many more tricks up their sleeve that will leave your guests overwhelmed with joy!

Throw the Best Party!

Throwing a party for adults can be a lot easier than any other party to plan. It’s a lot easier because the guest of honor can be a lot more vocal about exactly what they want for the party or if the party is for a group of adults it’s easier to decide what exactly will be going on at the event. Adults tend to be a lot more flexible with what happens then a teenager or even a child can.


Choose a Date

As many tent rentals Toronto companies know, the first thing you want to do when throwing a party for an adult or a group of partyadults is choose a date. You want to choose your date when advance so that you’re able to invite all the people that want to come to the party and that you want to have the party. Also having a good amount of time in between when you decide to have the party and when the actual parties going to happen allows you to have a lot of time to plan. It’s also good idea to plan in advance just so that any adults that me be working can get that time off. You also want to be mindful of any possible weather changes or other events that could happen that day when you’re picking a date


What’s Your Budget?

Once you decide on the date you want to decide on your budget. You should know how much money that you are willing to spend on the party and how much money others are able to pitch in. It’s important to decide how much money you’re willing to spend on certain aspects of the party. This includes food, decoration, entertainment and drinks. You also want to figure out if you’re doing any theme and if that theme is possible to create under your budget.


What Type of Party Are You Having?

It could be a birthday party a cocktail party or some sort of special celebration that you’re having or even a friendly get together with your favorite people. Depending on what kind of party it is will determine how you prepare for your party. If you want to have a bigger more lavish party, you’ll want to have enough time to create a party like that.


Who Are You Inviting?

Once you decide what party you’re having, it’s time to figure out who you’re inviting and how many people you’re inviting and the amount of people that show up could depend on things like what time the party is and what kind of party it is. Tent rentals Toronto experts say that once you decide who is coming, immediately send out invitations with clear instructions and information about the party. On your invitation you want to put things like the gate what time the party is happening where the party is happening and any other special instructions that your guests may need.


Entertainment is Crucial

Depending on your party and what kind of party you’re having you want to choose your entertainment wisely. If you’re having a nice girl’s night in, you may want to choose some games that everyone can participate in and that could even remind you guys of memories you share. If you’re having a big extravagant party, you may want to choose more common entertainment that everyone can enjoy like a band or a good DJ.


Have You Ever…

Have you ever thought of running your own party rental business? If so, our Toronto party rental team has some advice for you.

How to Start an Event Rental Service

Starting a Business


Starting a Toronto party rental business in the current economy can be like navigating treacherous seas. I am a firm believer that if you have the right vision and enough commitment you can fashion a successful business in almost any market. How about the party rental industry? Is that something feasible? The party rental industry is a curious case, it can be a way of making money on the side, there are major success stories but it is also an industry with a high turnover rate.



Figure Out Who to Cater To


It is an industry with a lot of little niches to fill. You can just rent out equipment for kid’s birthday parties out of your garage or really go all out and organize warehouse raves. Take Allstar Canada for example, they started renting sound equipment to small shows and now they provide equipment for everything from stage plays to major sporting events. To enter the business you have to have a very clear idea of which sector of the industry you want to set up shop in. If you want to cater to kid’s parties or weddings it is all about the location of the business. You need to have a very close look at the demographics in the area and other competitors in the locality. You need to look for a location where the demographic range is between 30 to 40 years of age and there are not many companies providing similar services. My apartment is near a place on the Danforth called ‘Kids Fun Town’. It is a venue you can rent for children; there are no other places similar to it for ten blocks in either direction. As a result the place is rented out to parties from 9 AM to 9 PM, seven days of the week.


If you want to deal with adult parties the best way to make your mark in the Toronto party rental business is by having unique little gimmicks. When I was in University a couple of friends of mine started a party rental service targeted at underground dubstep producers looking to get exposure. They would rent out a warehouse, sometimes a condo or even some sort of waterfront property. They charged a reasonable door fee and spread the news of the show in a way that gave the impression that it was illegal and very underground. Most of the times they had the proper permits but the aura was that of an illegal event and the people loved them. Themed party rental agencies are also very popular, clever little gimmicks are greatly appreciated by customers and really help you stand out as a business.



In Conclusion


The economy right now really is not ripe to start a business, that being said if you have a solid idea for a party rental agency, go for it. If you do not want to have a go at it full throttle, set up an equipment rental facility for some quick cash on the side. After all, everyone likes to have a good time, any time of the year.


Do you know…


If you’re planning on hosting an event, do you know what you should rent? Do you know what to consider? Our party rentals Toronto experts will discuss this next.

Advice from the Tent Rentals experts on How to Throw a Successful Party for Kids


Parties are great. They bring together friends and family. They allow for comfort and socialization. Although they bring all of these great things they can be incredibly stressful for the party planner. As the host there is a lot of things for you to consider such as how many people are coming to the party what the venue was going to be and what kind of entertainment you going to have. Although it doesn’t sound like a lot it can be a lot of work but once it gets done you’ll be good to go.



Plan in Advance

plan party

When it comes to any party you want to plan carefully in advance. You don’t want to be doing anything last minute whether it’s buying decorations, getting the food or even contacting your tent rentals experts. You’ll want to have everything sorted out so that when the day of the party actually comes you’re not stressed out on if everything is going to make it in time. Do you also want to know how many people are actually coming to the party so you want to send out invitations weeks in advance. This will give people some time to get their schedules in order and RSVP for the party. You may also want to have a guest limit. This way you’re not overwhelmed with the amount of guests you’ll have at your actual party. You also want to add any additional information for the parents in this case to know. This can consist of whether or not the child siblings are allowed to come to the party or if the parents need to stick around. You also want to make a list of the food that you’re going to have with decorations you need and what games will be at the party as well as what your budget will be.


Ask For Help

It’s OK to ask for help. Utilize your family and friends that can help you with the party planning and help you with the things that you might need. Don’t try to run and plan a children’s party by yourself because you’ll end up exhausted and worn out. So have family and friends help you with setting up the party tending to the guests and helping with the cleanup. You can even utilize the child who the party is for. They can help you make the invitations and even set up some of the decorations. This will give the party their own personal touch and make them feel as if it’s really their own. This could also be a fun way for you and your child to bond together.


Set a Time Limit

As many tent rentals professionals know, you will also want to have a time limit for your party. Although the time may run over it’s a good idea to send this in place just so that the parents know when to pick up their child and that you can have some peace of mind of knowing how close you are to not having to take care of everyone’s kids. Having a time limit will eliminate any meltdowns that could possibly happen from a child having to leave earlier than any of the other kids because everyone would be leaving around the same time. It’s also important to schedule the party around your child. If your child still takes naps and you want to make sure to not schedule the party around her naptime so they will be well rested for the party and this will eliminate any tantrums or meltdowns that could possibly happen. You also want to keep the party short especially when involving children. An hour and a half to two hours is enough time for kids to enjoy themselves and exhausted enough to go home peacefully.


The Food



Having foods that cater to kids is also very important. No matter how you eat or what kind of special diet your kid may be on you still want to have the food at your party feel like party food that not only your kid will like but also the other kids. You want to make your party fun which means you also want to make the food at the party fun. You’ll want to try and avoid messy foods so that the kids aren’t getting themselves dirty. Portable foods like chips or pretzels are especially good for kids because they can have fun and even if they do make a mess it’s an easy cleanup. Foods like spaghetti and meatballs are probably not the best idea for a party unless you can watch over every single child. Depending on what type of party are having you can design the foods around the party theme. This just adds to the theme and becomes a multi-functional decoration and food item.


party for teens








You also want to have appropriate games for the children to play. You want to have simple games that they can understand the rules to you and probably avoid competitive games which could result in lots of crying. You’ll also want to make sure that the kids leave the party happy so it may be a good idea to send them away with goodie bags of things to remember the party by.


A Party for Teens

                  Now that you know how to throw a successful party for kids, we must ask…do you know how to throw a great party for teens? Our table rental team members will discuss this next

Tent Decoration Ideas From the Wedding rentals Toronto Specialists

Wedding rental TorontoYour wedding is possibly one of the most important days of your life. You want to be perfect because you’ll remember this day forever. This is the day that you share with your kids and your grandkids and a day that you will reminisce with your partner about during your years of marriage. It is important that your wedding is perfect for you. Every detail matters. It matters what kind of flowers you pick, what the venue is, what kind of music you choose, the people you invite, and how your actual venue looks. Your venue shouldn’t only look good when you’re looking straight ahead. It should look good any which way you turn your head. That means that every detail matters when it comes to the aesthetic look of your wedding. So even minuscule things that you wouldn’t think to decorate matter such as your tent.


tent rentals





You’ll want to decorate your tent to add certain flair to your wedding. A plain tent just seems bland and boring. When decorating your tent, you want to make sure that everything is put in place so that your wedding looks cohesive. You wouldn’t want to decorate your tent in colours or items that don’t match the decor on the ground or on the tables. Before you decorate your tent you want to look into any fire codes that your city or state may have. You’ll also want to check with the rental company about any warnings that they may have concerning the fabrics used in making the tent. Wedding rentals Toronto specialists advise that you look into it this before adding anything to the tent for you and your guests’ safety.

Once you do this you want to find out if there any restrictions to what you’re allowed to use and what you’re allowed to hang on your tent. For example, I may not be wise to use candles close to the tents fabric because that is cause for a potential fire. Once you do this field and want to measure the length of your tent and find out how much of your decorations you’ll actually need. This is when you want to think about the actual look that you want. You may want to emulate a starry sky with fairy lights along the brim of your tent. You could even buy fabrics that you can hang from the top of your tent to add more colour or add more sophistication to your wedding reception. If you do to decide to go with the starry sky you may want to buy twinkle light netting so that the lights can hang up at the top of the tent. You want to choose bright white or gold coloured lights so that it resembles the stars in the sky. You can also decide to hang lanterns or light chandeliers from the inside of your tent to give it a more sophisticated look.











There are plenty of things you can do to your tent and this is where you can get creative. If you’re having a themed wedding, you may want to go for something that incorporates the theme into your tent decor. Wedding rentals Toronto specialists advise that you make your wedding your own. If you want more of a rustic look at your wedding, you can even choose to get branches and spray paint them a colour that’s within your wedding theme or you can go to a craft store and buy branches or flowers that go along with the decor. You can even get creative and hang glass vases from the ceiling and possibly fill them with flowers and candle lights. You can even mix-and-match any of these ideas to create a look of your own.

Choosing the Right Tent

Before you decorate your beautiful tent, you must ensure it’s the right size. Do you want you should consider prior to choosing your tent? Our tent rentals team will discuss

Popular Table Décor Ideas

Table décor is very important whether it’s your dining room table or the head table at your wedding. It adds a certain jazz to your table as well as a bit of personality. Your table decorations don’t have to be extreme or over the top. They can be small and simple and still add something to your table rentals in a subtle way. There are many ways to go about decorating your table and making it your own. You just have to choose the way that’s right for you. Here are some ideas on what to do when it comes to decorating your table and taking it from bland and boring to fun and exciting with a few simple steps.


Classic Flowers







Flowers have been used as table décor since the beginning of time. They are used so often that they have become a classic center piece choice that anybody could pull off. You could use flowers at a wedding reception on your table or at your own home on your dining room table. The only question is, what kind of flowers do you want and how do you want to display them? This is where actual creativity comes into play. If your style is a little more “Plain Jane,” you can do a classic clear vase and some roses on your table or if you like to have a little more fun with your décor, you could play around with your options. You could go for low, square, wooden boxes and place some daises inside of them or you could a tall colored vase with orchids inside. There is almost no way you could go wrong with this option which is probably why it’s so popular. The only down side to this option is that flowers die, so you’ll need to change them regularly.


Seasonal Décor

Seasonal décor is really fun because it allows you to have constant change which is good for the person that gets bored easily. Just like the name states, the décor will change by season. For example, autumn décor will most likely revolve around autumn items. It would include things like acorns and leaves in the different stages of color changing. For a wedding, you would probably get square table rentals and add this décor to complete the look. Décor for the spring would revolve around spring colors and items as well. For example, you could decorate your table with cherry blossoms and possibly put them in watering cans to add to the fun. For a wedding, you would probably get round tables and add this décor to complete the look.








Candles are also a nice way to decorate your tables. They can add a very romantic vibe to the table or a very earthy feel depending on how you choose to set them up. If you want to go for the more romantic vibe, you could either put two or three decorative candles up on candle stands and keep it simple or you can choose to get a bunch of candles of different heights and cluster them in the middle of the table. It is up to you whether or not you choose to light them.



Fruits are an extremely simple way to add some functionality to you table while adding a bit of color. You could either choose to use one fruit in your fruit bowl (i.e. only apples, or only oranges, etc.) or you could do a variety of fruits to add a burst of color to your table.


Tent Décor







Are you aware of the many beautiful ways in which you can decorate your tent? Our wedding rentals Toronto specialists will talk about this next.

5 Wedding Tent Styles

When it comes to outdoor weddings, it’s smart to have a little peace of mind. Considering that the weather man isn’t always right and the weather can be very unpredictable, it’s a smart choice to have a tent. Not only is it smart when it comes to the outdoors to have a tent, it can add a different element to the overall décor of the wedding.


  1. Pole Tent

A pole tent is pretty self-explanatory through its name. It’s a tent that is held up with poles and rope and is placed into the ground with stakes. It’s extremely elegant and usually has two or more peaks at the top. The downside of this kind of tent is that it has to be placed on grass or some soft surface that can be penetrated, but not concrete. This could make them harder to work with than other tents. However, an experienced tent rentals company will make it work.




2.Frame Tent

frame tentUnlike pole tents, frame tents can be used on any surface which makes them a lot more versatile than pole tents. Frame tents are a lot more common than any other tents. It has a metal frame that the tent uses as a support system which makes it free standing so it can be uses on any flat solid surface. Although it’s not the prettiest of tents, it leaves he option open for you to decorate it in a way in which best fits your theme.


3. Clear Tent

clear tentA clear tent is frame based and, just like in the name, has a clear vinyl top. This tent allows you to enjoy your wedding and the beautiful night sky at the same time. Along with the beautiful view, you are still protected from the weatherwhich is perfect for the bride and groom that didn’t want to have a tent in the first place. In the tent rentals industry, it is a very practical decision to get a tent and this style allows you to have all the beauty of not having a tent while still being protected.



4. Beach/ Tropical Style Tent

beachBeach or tropical style tents do tend to vary in style. However, they generally are made up of some kind of light or translucent fabric that is usually held up by wood or bamboo as the frame. Unlike the other tents, this tent is more so for the aesthetics of it. It isn’t meant to protect you from the natural elements like the previous three tents.


5. Indian/ Moroccan Themed Tent


indian tentAn Indian or Moroccan themed tent is normally a pole or marquee style tent that has plenty of beautiful fabrics and trim instead the white vinyl on the other tents discussed. These tents are only available at specific rental companies and usually have additions to compete the extravagant look.



Enhance Your Tables Too

With the right table decorations, you can immensely increase the overall gracefulness of your wedding. Are you aware of some of the most beauteous decorations that will undoubtedly enhance your tables? Our table rental experts can’t wait to enlighten you in the next post.




Most Popular Party Ideas

Planning a party is probably among life’s biggest stresses. It’s almost as stressful as having a baby. Okay, maybe not as stressful, but pretty close. The party, in a sense, becomes like your baby so you feel so you feel as though you have to make it perfect because it is a representation of you. You have to get all of your party rental items and figure out the guest lists. This simply means your party has to be perfect. But what is a perfect party without a theme? Whether it be a set of colors or a movie or a holiday theme, it just always looks better when your party is presented with some cohesiveness.

A Colour Set


Sometimes having a whole elaborate theme isn’t necessary for a party. A lot of the more sophisticated and elegant parties are built around a color palate. A party can completely change once the color choices are altered. You can go from having a green and blue party for a six-year-old boy to a pink and purple party for an eight-year-old girl. You could have a sophisticated black and white party or a royal purple and gold party. If you’re not going to have an exact theme, your best beat to throwing a great party is to have some kind of color flowing through the party.




It is every little girl’s dream to grow up and be a princess. Unfortunately, the world is a cruel, cruel place and it’s just not a smart career choice to try and be a princess when you grow up. However, it is very possible to feel like a princess for a day. That is totally doable. Make it special for everyone. Get tiaras and get everyone to dress up and make the venue feel as much like a castle as possible. You could even go to a party rental store and get an inflatable castle.Really go all out for this one because it would be extremely memorable whether it’s bad or good. You want to make as many good memories as possible.




It is every little boy’s dream to be a super hero and have super powers. Growing up watching the Avengers was like watching somebody else do your dream job. It almost made you thrive to get stuck in a radioactive lab and get some awesome super powers. As much as that sounded like an awesome idea when you’re a kid, once you grow up you realize how crazy and obscured that idea is. The only way for them to fulfill that dream is to throw them a superhero themed party.




Pirates were cool even before Pirates of the Caribbean came out and ever since that movie; pirate themed parties have been extremely popular. It is so fun and exciting for kids to explore their imagination and get to spend the day being somebody else. As kids, it’s nice to play make believe and feel like you can do things that you normally couldn’t. As a pirate they get to immerse themselves in this idea. They get to enjoy the idea of spending a day out on the water looking for gold. Some pirate swords and bandanas can go a long way in this “game.”


Tents Are Great Too


tesnts areOf course there are so many more ideas for party themes you could find on the internet and use and you could even come up with you own idea. You could even mix and match ideas to be different and unique when it comes to your personal party. You could even take these ideas up a notch and use them in a grander scale party such as a wedding. Are you aware of some of the major wedding tent styles that will enhance your event? Our tent rentals experts will touch on this next.

Unique Adult Party Decoration Ideas

It is said that all that is needed in order to plan a party is a creative mind and good organization skills, and in most cases, that is correct. If you want to provide your guests with the ability to say you have hosted the best party of the year – you need to implement new and creative ideas. To start, many Toronto party rental experts urge you to think of party decoration ideas that are both beautifully crafted and unique. Let’s take a look at some of their findings below:


shot glassPersonalized Shot Glasses

Personalized shot glasses aren’t just great for decoration, but for giving your guests a memorable gift to take home too. Try not to be like the norm by ordering plain shot glasses and instead, order uniquely designed shot glasses that have both your name and the date on them. These glasses are available for purchase at many different establishments in the GTA and the options are endless.



Our experts couldn’t settle on one specific centrepiece, and so, we have decided to showcase a few unique ideas that will surely enhance the look of your event.

centre pieceThe Vintage Centre Piece: vintage centre pieces are an amazing idea regardless of the theme of your party. They are very different and can effortlessly look astonishing on any table setting.



sportySporty Centrepiece: If you’re hosting an adult party that is jam-packed with sport lovers then this is an impeccable idea. We don’t normally see such an idea being displayed at events across the globe and it would definitely be great to see in the future.



diamondThe Diamond Centrepiece: Whether hosting a royal ball or yearning to experience royalty for a night, a diamond centrepiece is a mind-blowing idea. The appearance of such an intriguing centrepiece will surely amaze your guests.




centrepieceThe Dramatic Centrepiece: It would be amazing to walk into a room filled with astonishing decorations that compliment the look of a dramatic centrepiece. Many people choose to design or order centerpieces from Toronto party rental stores that are basic and very petite in size – are you one of those people? Or would you like to stand out of the crowd?

DIY Party Decoration Items

Here’s a list of some interesting items that are both easy and fun to create on your own:

  • Invitations
  • Streamers
  • Table runners
  • Cocktail stirrers
  • Budding cake stand
  • Candy kebobs
  • Unique coasters
  • Flower stand
  • Candy bags
  • Fruit sculptures
  • Banners
  • Flyers



Adult Party Ideas

If you want to host the next best party, then you should definitely start exploring some astonishing party ideas. As many event planners know, a party without fun is no party at all! Are you ready to stand out of the crowd? Are you aware of some of the most popular party ideas? Our party rental experts will explore this next.




Top 10 Inexpensive Wedding Floral Ideas Used By Celebrities

It goes without saying that there are over 20,000 weddings that take place each month in any given district. Of these countless amount of weddings, over half of them showcase the same floral decor. Our wedding rental Toronto experts are going to introduce you to a vast variety of unique floral ideas that will enable you to not only present your guests with astonishing scenes, but were utilized by celebrities too.


  1. Fountain Le Floral




You can’t go wrong with a uniquely designed, hand-crafted fountain that is accented with a plethora of astonishingly beautiful flowers. Such a display will undoubtedly shine light to your wedding and grace your guests with joy. Many people tend to overlook the beauty and elegance in which floral fountains bring to their wedding – let’s stop that habit, and step out of the box. Contact us today in order to connect with our expert florists.


2. Eye-Catching Pomander Balls




The allurement presented by pomander balls is often overlooked. For reasonable prices, it is quite easy to find beautifully crafted pomanders that display the true glamour of flowers. These charming balls are especially gorgeous when they are tied to tree branches or hung from the ceiling. Using a silky bow for the purpose of tying a pomander ball also adds elegance to its overall display of beauty.


3. Floral Crowns




We are all aware that most bridesmaids wear the same outfits, but how unique would it be if they were all wearing the same beauteous floral crowns, along with the bride? By simply glancing at the photo above, you can automatically see the beauty that is displayed by the floral crowns. The unique option to use the same colour or mix match is also made available by our experts here at AS Special Events.

4. Famous Flower Backdrops


It goes without saying that well-designed floral backdrops enhance the overall look of the photos that are taken at your wedding. Whether you choose a floor to ceiling design, or a portable wall (as displayed above), your photos will be enlightened. Floral backdrops for the purpose of creating astonishing backgrounds for pictures are quite rear – for many people would rather use the natural beauty of flowers. However, with the constant blowing of wind, or even during the wintery months, it would be wise to invest in an intricately designed floral arrangement such as a backdrop.

5. Floral Staircase



Who says indoor weddings cannot display the beauty of flowers too? Allow uniquely grown flowers to grace the overall presence of the staircase. This idea is perfect for those who would love to keep memorable photos. The natural beauty of stairs alone does not due your wedding enough justice!


6. Decorative Floral Aisles


How beautiful is that? And how often do we see it? The mind-blowing fact about flowers is that there are billions of ways to utilize them for the purpose of enhancing your wedding. Floral aisles are seen as the signature statement for most weddings – however, they are often not thought of by the average person. It seems celebrities who have hired expert wedding planners are the only ones displaying such an alluring scene. At AS Special Events, our planners can effortlessly grant you with an amazing display like the one above.

7. Floral Tea Cup Arrangements

We would love to see this floral arrangement more often! Floral tea cups arrangements are not utilized often due to the fact that it is such a unique idea that is not thought of by many people. Try replacing your simple floral centerpieces with intricately designed tea cups stuffed with astonishing flowers and you will atomically see the difference. Traditional weddings are so last year, let’s try something new and exciting for 2016!

8. Edible Floral Décor

 We can see the flowers, we can feel the flowers, but can we taste the flowers? For most weddings, the answer is no. But how amazing would it be if your guests were granted with the ability to grace their taste buds as soon as they bite into your uniquely designed floral décor? Of course, this should take place after photos have been taken!

9.  Floral Tents

 What a sight to see! Floral tents are very popular among celebrities and are beginning to become popular among our clients too. Wedding rentals Toronto experts have noticed an increasing demand for floral tents over the past six months. This pristine arrangement is mainly popular due to its uniqueness. It’s amazing to experience the beauty of flowers first hand.

10. Floral Table Runner

Floral table runners undoubtedly beat the look of fabric runners that include interesting patterns and unique designs. Without obstructing views or interrupting your guests from eating comfortably, floral table runners ultimately enhance the look of any table. As seen above, the wedding decorator didn’t even need to utilize table a cloth – for the eye-catching look of the floral table runner dismissed the need to enhance the table further. Ordering such an arrangement will definitely save the extra money you would have spent on other table décor.


11. Be Different

It’s okay to step outside of the box – especially when you are planning an event that happens once in a lifetime. The above listen floral decorations are not often displayed in the average wedding and our experts here at AS Special Events would love to see them more! Work with our ideas, and explore the many floral décor ideas displayed by celebrities, for the purpose of utilizing flowers to enhance the overall look for your excavating event. The only way for us to relive the most memorable moments of our lives is to look back at photos and videos. There are a plethora of items and decorations that can be utilized to create a memorable atmosphere for you and your guests. Why not create astonishing views not only with flowers, but other beautifully crafted decorations too? Our Toronto party rental experts will discuss this in the next post.

Top 10 Beautifully Crafted Party Decoration Ideas

Apart from laughter, good times, and memorable moments, the need to enhance the look of parties by utilizing beautifully crafted party decorations is increasing. If you too are tired of seeing the same old decorations, then take a look at what our Toronto party rental professionals highly recommend.


  1. Balloon Backdrop


Toronto party rentalHow many people really fathom the idea of blowing up balloons for the purpose of creating an astonishing backdrop? I’m sure if you have been to about 50 parties, only around 2 of them would display such a thing. Reason being, when people think “balloons,” they normally think of taping them to walls, chairs and tables. Little do they know, a well crafted work of art made by balloons can really add that extra “spark” to your birthday party! Balloon backdrops can be placed behind the head table and even at the front where your photos will be taken.



2.Unique Pinwheel Decorations


Toronto party rentalIf someone asked me to name one thing that was easy to make, and looks great, I would say “Pinwheels” right away! Pinwheel decorations are hardly seen anymore, but, that is mainly due to the fact that they have been preserved as something that takes up “too much time.” By browsing the web, you can effortlessly find instructions on how to create eye-catching pinwheels that can gracefully spin once the wind blows through its delicate body.



3. Personalized Birthday Banners

birthday banner

Welcome the birthday boy/girl into the room with something more than great friends and tasty food. Personalized birthday banners add a more sentimental touch the overall look of the party. The star of the event can even take this banner home and keep it in their room for the purpose of remembering their party forever. Birthday banners are easy to create and locate. They can even match the overall theme of your party while displaying elegance and creativity at the same time.


4. Creative Paper Cutlery Items

Let’s moveparty rentals Toronto away from the traditional white plastic cutlery items and towards something more unique. Displaying uniquely crafted paper items automatically places you outside of the box. Many people refrain from searching for such items as it may be difficult to locate something that actually matches with your event. At AS Special Events, our expert party planners can locate these items with ease




5. Glow in the Dark Centerpieces


dark centrepiecesWe’re used to seeing simply themed centerpieces, but, what are the odds of us seeing appealing glow in the dark décor? Centre pieces undoubtedly enhance the overall look of your table. If your centre piece is unique enough, you may not even need any other form of décor for your tables. This would ultimately save you a bunch of money – leaving you more room to invest in crafty desserts, which we will mention in our next post!



6. Crafty, Decorative Desserts


craftAs many Toronto party rental experts ask, “what’s dessert without a little fun?” At every party, dessert has become an essential food item. Whether it is cakes or lollipops, it’s a great idea to incorporate some unique items that will not only add flavour to your desserts, but enhance the look of them too. Warning: your desserts may look too good to eat!



7. Popsicle Stick Table Runners

stickNot only are these fun to make, they are very creative too! By utilizing many different patterns and colours, you can effortlessly create a table runner that is inexpensive and unique.



8. Extraordinary Balloon Doorway Arch


Balloon doorway arches are cool, but extraordinary arches are 10x better! By extraordinary, I mean adding a little extra décor to the already fancy balloons. Maybe some streamers or sparkles in between the extra spaces. Create something that will “pull people in” to your entrance.

9. Creative Loot Bags


Loot bags are great for both children and adults – I mean, who doesn’t like a little treat? Now, there are normal loot bag that come pre-designed with a few unique pictures, and there are creative loot bags that can be constructed in a matter of minutes so long as you have the appropriate decorative items. Such as; glitter, stickers and markers. Create a loot bag that can be both admirable and a joy for your guests.



10. Have A Decorative Message Wall  


decorativeThe average item used for the purpose of receiving messages from your party attendants is a guest book. These books are normally plain (unless you decorate them). Step outside of the box and create a message wall! Allow your guests to write inspirational messages that will guide you throughout the upcoming years of your life. Place multicoloured stick tape and pens on the table so that at the end of the day, a beautiful work of art is displayed on the wall.


Host the Best Party

You don’t need to panic when planning your party! There are an immense amount of resources and rental supplies available to your leisure. The ultimate goal for most is to create memorable events that will automatically amaze your guests as they walk in. Get creative and think of some ideas that you have never seen before! Expert party rentals Toronto members also recommend adding a tent or two to your event – as this will add extra elegance! Are you aware of the immense amount of ideas that are out there in order for you to host a glamourous event on a tight budget? Allow our experts to enlighten you.




Getting Married On a Budget

It’s easy to get caught up in the expenses of a wedding whether it the floral arrangements or the best DJ in town. There are easy ways for you to save big bucks and still have the amazing wedding you dreamed up in your head when you were 12.


Venue is Everything

party rental torontoChoose a venue with a lot of character of its own. Some possibilities: an aquarium, zoo, museum, gallery, botanical garden or historical site. It’s also important that the location you select is easy for the majority of your guests to get to, so don’t neglect hometown options. According to party rentals Toronto specialists, you could even rent a vacation home or private estate for a small, intimate affair. It’s possible that they will charge a week’s worth in rent, but it may still be equal to or less than renting a traditional reception venue.


Colour is Your Best Friend

Using a rich hue such as chocolate brown or deep eggplant can give any colour palette a stylish look without costing you any extra green stuff. They work with a variety of shades, like apple green, light blue, orange, pink or red.


Keep the Centerpieces Small but Loud



part rentals toronto

Go for chic and simple centerpieces. Instead of paying $75 to $125 each for elaborate table arrangements, purchase tall, clear cylinders from the local dollar store to use as containers for single orchids or rose petals in water with floating candles on top.In place of pricey flowers for centerpieces, consider romantic candelabras draped in crystals. Even varying the height, size or shape of centerpieces can add a nice effect on the overall look of your wedding. Doing so creates dimension and keeps the eye flowing throughout the room. You could also play around with centerpiece containers for a more custom look.


Light It Up

One of the most overlooked décor elements when planning a wedding is lighting. Wedding lighting can completely transform your venue from ordinary to spectacular and make everything look even more beautiful on your big day.Lighting can have a very powerful impact on the overall look and feel of your event space as well as the mood of your guests all at a reasonable price. The proper wedding lighting not only enhances the look of your venue, it also highlights the important elements of your décor, like the centerpieces, or makes certain areas of the room focal points, like the dance floor or head table.Photographers love wedding lighting because it gives them additional visual elements to use in their pictures and makes for beautiful wedding photos. You could even use candlelight to give your room a rich, romantic look


Return to Nature

Adding natural elements into your wedding décor can add a certain zest to the entire look of your wedding. You can use natural table rental torontoelements with earthy, upscale appeal.To make flower arrangements seem grander and more stylish for just a few dollars, wrap inexpensive glass containers in handmade paper, wallpaper or fabric and add a ribbon.


You Can Rent More Than You Think

For today’s budget-conscious brides, that sentimental feeling is quickly replaced by the real issue of savings. If you want a designer wedding you can afford, there are ways to rent instead of buying.You can rent nearly anything now-a-days from napkins to tables to chairs. You can rent napkins in a colour or pattern for about $1 each, adding a pop of vibrant colour and a more custom look at the same time.


Plate Settings Make a Difference

A unique napkin fold can make a statement and most venues won’t charge for it. One option is to fold the napkin to create a pocket to hold a menu. You can accent your table’s plate settings with pretty napkin rings. You can rent them in different styles for three or four dollars each or buy them for as little as 99 cents apiece. You could even place a coloured or textured charger, for $1 to $1.50 each, underneath the dinner plates.If you (or someone else you know) is handy, create your own table runners. You can go for something extra luxury in your fabric because you won’t need a great deal of it.


DIY is Worth It

Yes, you can DIY items for the wedding (which isn’t a bad idea at all), but you can also have your guests DIY for themselves. It’s a smart idea to create a DIY Bar. Whether it’s an outdoor cigar bar, a build-your-own-biscuits bar during cocktail hour, or a sundae bar at dessert, your guests will love making (and eating!) their own treats.


Paper Magic

party rentals Toronto

It’s a good idea to get creative with escort cards and/or place cards. In some cases, party rentals Toronto members say that you can do a different shape or colour for less than you’d pay for the typical tented fold-over cards. You could place a beautiful menu at each guest’s place. Many venues will print them for you for free, or you can make them yourself without spending much.Dress up your escort cards and table numbers by choosing paper with a metallic sheen rather than a flat card stock.



The Look Is Everything

When selecting butler-passed foods, go for visually pleasing nibbles. Red gazpacho shooters with a green garnish look great lined up on a tray. A miniature caprese salad for everyone to munch on is a great way to incorporate colour into your appetizers while making it easy for the guests to enjoy something small. Presenting food in eye-catching ways creates a chic impression but doesn’t have to add costs. Most chefs enjoy creating unique presentations. If they have items available, like shot glasses, ceramic teaspoons and so on, they can use these at no further cost to you.


The Unexpected Accent

To add an elegant and visually appealing accent, place an unexpected accent to dishes with pretty herbs or edible flowers, such as pansies or squash blossoms. In everyone’s champagne glasses, drop a single raspberry into the glasses for extra effect. You could also float a slice of lemon, orange, lime or a strawberry or raspberry in each guest’s water glass. While working with your budget, you can also order a tent from your nearest party rental tents specialist at AS Special Events. Did you know that over the past few months, party tents have become 10x more popular? Let’s explore why.

Winter Wedding Ideas Part 2

As many party rentals Toronto professionals know, wintery photographs will look gorgeous if they’re framed on your wall. Talk to your photographer in advance about getting some shots done outside on the big day. Aim for photography sessions during light snowfalls with no wind, so that you’re not covered in snow or getting blown away. It’ll also help if it isn’t too cold outside; although there is a solution to this should you have no other choice. Wooly ponchos (or even blankets) and a snowy backdrop will give the photographs a cozy and vintage feel. If you want some more colour in your photographs to make them pop in the table rental area, have a confetti blizzard in correspondence with the snowfall. If you’d prefer a more majestic ambiance in your photographs, consider swapping the ponchos with fur capes instead. For the bride-to-be, it is a good idea for her to pose with a cotton ball bouquet mixed with dried leaves in lieu of flowers, especially roses, which will dry out quickly in harsher conditions. Cotton matches the look of a winter wedding perfectly, and you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged easily. As for her wedding dress, she could do away with tradition and wear an ombre gown, adding even more deep hues to this already intimate setup. Most weddings are characterized by bold (and nowadays, flashy) lighting, but you’d want your winter wedding to exuberate intimacy and comfort in the table rentals Toronto region. In order to achieve this, Wedding Rental Toronto recommends that you light up multitudes of candles and spread them everywhere, along with low lighting and sparkles to illuminate the space and make it twinkle. Ask your Toronto Party Rental company to find you scented candles that are fruity – your guests will find bliss in such fragrances, especially if they are combined with the smells of wonderful food. If you’d like some colour in your lights, there’s nothing stopping you from hanging up light-emitting diode bulbs to render the space reminiscent of holiday nostalgia. If you decide to use these Christmas lights, you can also tie escort cards made out of twigs to them. You could also pair your lights with candle lanterns for a more antique look.


Many Toronto party rentals suggest getting your guests excited for the holiday-themed celebration by sending out paper invitations complete with winterful and jubilant illustrations and designs. As a thoughtful gesture, you should also prepare blankets for them to snuggle up in if you’re planning to incorporate any outdoor elements in your wedding. You could also ask to get your limousine customized, so that it feels like you’re going on a sleigh ride. You may choose to tie prop gifts on the roof of the vehicle and even use a wreath as your “Just Married” sign at the back of it. Don’t forget to decorate everyone’s favourite dessert at any wedding – the wedding cake itself! Make sure to add edible festive toppings such as winter berries, sprigs of fir, and glitter. Maybe skip out on the winter nuts in case any of your guests are allergic, but you can definitely decorate your banquet hall with winter nuts. They are becoming quite popular in the tent rentals Toronto industry.


As Special Events has a plethora of ideas, tips and tricks that will enhance the overall look and feel of your event. Take heed to the expert advice stated above, and call us as soon as you’re ready to host the best event in the GTA!


Winter Wedding Ideas Part 1

Weddings are glorious occasions that many couples experience once in a lifetime. No matter what time of the year it is, romance is always in the air – and it may surprise you to find that wintertime is perhaps the most romantic of times for that special day. If you’re able to look past the cold weather, cozy evenings indoors filled with warm drinks, vibrant decorations, and delectable delicacies while spending time with loved ones definitely set the tone for an intimate atmosphere. Unfortunately, many wedding tent rentals Toronto professionals have said winter weddings are quite uncommon, but with the help of AS Special Events, you’ll surely be convinced that winter weddings can be just as beautiful as weddings taking place in any season. We are here to prove that winter weddings are just as joyous as any other holiday that occurs during the winter season. With the countless props and recipes used for the winter holidays, you are sure to find inspiration for many ideas and themes that you can incorporate into your winter wedding. Wedding Rentals Toronto can help you get started! They are able to provide you with everything from audio and video equipment, to catering, to dance floors. If you really want your wedding to reflect the chilly weather and the festive mood, you might want to consider bringing in spruce trees and reindeer sleighs. Or, if you want to keep things simpler, you can incorporate decorations white details, especially those with snowy colours and designs, combined with a woodland palette to immerse your guests in an enchanted forest. As for refreshments in the tent rentals Toronto region, you can never go wrong with traditional chocolate chip and gingerbread cookies and cocoa – coupled with mulled wine, of course. Speaking of wine, your guests will surely be grateful for a cocktail bar that serves hot drinks besides cocoa and wine, such as warm beer and hot brandy cocktails. Coffee is an excellent beverage to serve after the ceremony and even during the reception, as your guests will most likely want to mingle outside for some fresh air and offer their blessings on a happy marriage. Your dishes should be unique, too. For example, you could treat your guests to personalized mugs that they will drink their cocoa from, and they will certainly serve as a fond memory of your big day. If you choose to keep with the forest motif, you could opt for pairings of winter berries and cinnamon sticks in lieu of the traditional napkin and ring combination, so that your decorations are refreshing and organic. You might also place frosty pine cones, foliage, and log slices on table tops for more variety in your magical forest. Scatter them all around the banquet hall for a seasonal and inexpensive touch. The more twigs in general, the better. Get creative by adding other wintry adornments like berries and sprigs of fir to your menus and other service booklets. To maintain this same consistency in your furniture, you should also replace the usual chair covers with rustic evergreen foliage (although it would be wise to cover them with soft cushions to prevent sore bottoms). For your specific preferences, call the professional Toronto tent rentals team in order to make an order. No wedding is complete without commemorative music to bring even more cheer in the hearts – and ears – of your guests. There is no better time than now to play all your favourite holiday songs and compositions that speak to our blessings and all that is good in the world. You could include a mix of slower, graceful melodies with hearty and uplifting tunes.


We hope that your lovely winter wedding will be a day to remember for many more years of happiness to come.


Planning the Perfect Winter Party

Winter parties are very popular in the table rental region as a great way to add to this festive season is to throw a memorable holiday party. Our expert party planning team knows just what you need in order to WOW your guests! Before you send out your invitations and look for your party venue, think of some unique winter party decoration ideas and themes. In the winter, an all-white theme is probably your best bet. We have a wide selection of white linen, such as, chair covers and table cloths available that will enhance the overall look for your winter party. You can add elegance to your white tables by ordering our crystal glasses for your guests. Many tent rentals experts say, these glasses resemble snowflakes, they will match perfectly with the other winter party decoration items suggested above. A nice 10×10 booth drape consisting of the colours blue and white will also add to the overall look of your winter party. With our many decoration items available, such as our beautiful silver accessories, you have the ability to throw a beautiful winter party. As many Toronto residents know, winter can get very cold. Due to this, we have propane tent and patio heaters available. Your guests can stay warm, and comfortable while enjoying the view of your beautiful tent and snow fall outside.


After you have carefully selected your decoration items, tent rentals Toronto professionals suggest sending your invitations out well in advance. Be sure to ask your guests to RSVP so that you know how many people will be attending your event. With this information, you can order the right size tent, or the right number of rental items such as plates, forks, spoons, glasses, tables and more. After this step, you must create a budget. Setting a budget prevents you from scraping for change as your event date continues to creep closer and closer. This also helps the As Special Events team plan the perfect winter party for you according to your specified budget. Once your budget is in place, you can look for a great venue in the wedding rental Toronto area. To keep up with the winter party theme, try to find a venue that is close to mountains, or even a lake. In doing this, your guests can enjoy beautiful winter views.


Most venues offer catering services. This grants you the opportunity to ask them about the options on their food menu. It is wise to start off with a nice warm soup, and then move onto to bigger meals as the event progresses. As Special Events offers a wide selection of catering products for your convenience. Ask us about out chafing dishes and serving tables. Once the menu is all set, start planning the entertainment portion of your event. In the Torontoarea, there are many songs dedicated to the winter season. Go through this list and choose songs your guests will enjoy. As the music is playing, your guests will want to dance. Our expert party rental team has many dance floor options. Whether you require plywood flooring, oak, or parquet, we can help. As an added benefit for your guests, you can incorporate some games. We have black jack tables, playing cards, poker chips and more. Our industry experts are trained to assist you with your party planning needs. Call us today to receive a helping hand and more sound advice regarding the many ways you can throw the best winter party.

How to host an exceptional business party with AS Special Events Part 2

Avoid generic and promotional items in the Tent rental Toronto region, but also try to keep within the budget. There are company members that would greatly support the idea of food drives, among other charitable functions, and everyone involved in the event will be able to do so should they choose this route so that they can extend their generosity beyond the venue. A good way to do this is to incorporate a charity and grant them the opportunity to be the guests of honour. Thus, in order to do so, then it is imperative that the hosts give their company members an incentive to attend the event. This incentive could entail a service, such as sending taxi drivers for key members so that they need not be concerned about commuting to the venue themselves. To encourage networking between them, perhaps suggest that they arrive at the event together. Even though it may seem overwhelming, it is always a good idea to send out an amount of invitations that may very well exceed the venue limit, as, statistically, there is often a higher turnover, but usually not to the maximum. Make sure stay in touch and follow up with personal assistants during the week before the event to ensure that any potential discrepancies are prevented or cleared up beforehand. The venue setup should be conducive to mingling opportunities among the guests. In order to encourage networking between company departments and the varying levels of employees, place small tables everywhere in the space that allow for intimate conversations. AS Special Events can help with this, as they provide table rental services. Try not to have too many that fill up the room, however, as the guests should be able to move around freely and meet other attendees, so be sure to offer enough space and time for them to do so. Remember that business must not be dismissed, even in a casual environment. One must always consider the potential for public relations. Events then, while enjoyable, should also necessarily be incorporated into the company’s marketing strategy. The event can commemorate a launch, for example, bringing more publicity to the company’s marketing strategy and further strengthen public relations. Events are also an ideal opportunity to market, advertise and sell products or services, as well as building brand awareness, building relations, and even lend themselves to potential client meetings all in one place. These goals highlight the reasons why hosts must strive to organize high-end events in order to suppress any potentially negative misconceptions that people (and especially clientele) may have about their company’s brand. It does not stop at the simpler errands, such as a table rental. Executives need not dismiss reception that they receive about their brand; they must always take perceptions into consideration and then coordinate with their event planner to impress their guests. It is better to invest in a party rental than to treat the event as an opportunity to develop the staff’s planning and organizational skills, as this approach will likely prove to be stressful. Always hire professionals in the tent rentals North York area as they know how to manage budgets in the best way possible. They will recruit the best suppliers for the event, whether they are for tent rentals or any other service – AS Special Events will accomplish all these tasks and more. Finally, keep in mind that the event is not yet complete, even when the last guest leaves the venue for the evening. Following up with guests and contributors after the event is imperative in creating and maintaining solid relationships and reinforcing the core values and principles demonstrated at the event.


How to host an exceptional business party with AS Special Events Part

It is important for corporate executives to develop strong relations with their partners, employees and clients, and hosting a successful event is one way to positively shape their first impressions. AS Special Events provides all the guidelines that are necessary for every executive to follow in order to ensure a seamlessly organized event in the party rental Toronto area. The main focus, of course, should be on the guests. One must keep in mind their expectations, and how they will likely respond to every decision made, just as might they do while on the job. For them, the location of the event will be extremely important, as with everything else business-related. There is a high probability that the many of the guests will not have met one another, since they normally may only need to make specific connections for their work. However, this all changes once they exit the workplace and enter a new environment void of invisible boundaries between them. Working with AS Special Events will guarantee visionary creation. The look of the venue alone will not suffice; there must be an attraction(s) that will appeal to the guests, and that will especially reflect the company’s brand. Regardless of the occasion, every corporate event serves as an ambassador of the corporation. Simplicity and consistency are definitely solid attributes for any company to uphold, but it is nevertheless logic to consider the types of services that will be available at the venue and its overall aesthetics. Every aspect of the event must reflect the core values and principles of the company’s brand, and they must be executed with subtlety and creativity. With regards to the latter attribute, every business professional knows that creativity is at the forefront of any marketing strategy. Just like how research and focus groups are conducted in order to keep up with current trends, the same applies to event planning. It is wise to pay attention to what the competition is planning for their events, and in response, one must plan something truly unique to make an event memorable and the recurring topic for discussion. Creativity, surprises and well-judged personal touches will all pay off. Consider running activities in which the guests find appealing and may not have the opportunity to participate regularly. The best way to do this is to think about the corporation’s culture. In photography, for example, this could be anything from professional portraits to photo booths complete with costumes and props.  The most effective events focus on the contributors, and in the case of a special occasion, such as a holiday, the entertainment. If the event in question is, in fact, a holiday party, then it is important to give the attendees a spectacle. Remember, however, that there is no all-purpose attraction; various functions may need to be taken into consideration in order to appease various groups of people at the event in the party rental Toronto district. One idea is to run a prize draw, or to hand out prizes at the door, depending on the guests’ preferences. Choose a method to win that corresponds to the company’s culture, such as a contest or a ticket draw. Holidays are characterized by the notion of giving back. If a holiday party is in the works, then consider giving back to employees as well as society. Employees especially want to feel valuable, so gifts would make for a thoughtful gesture. Proceed by reading “How to host an exceptional business party with AS Special Events Part 2” for more expert tips.

How to host the best kid’s party with AS Special Events

Hosting a child-oriented party often proves to be a hassle, from trying to accommodate all the children in your child’s class to investing in as many means of entertainment as possible so that they are always enthusiastic and occupied. Though in recent years, expensive party places and highly commercialized parties complete with hired magicians and circus performers are vanishing and being replaced with low-key, practical gatherings at home with all the resources at parents’ fingertips and delicious, Pinterest-inspired dishes. In the event that you’re short on the right equipment, Party Rentals Toronto can assist you with all of your house party needs, and we also offer plenty of advice to ensure that your child’s party runs smoothly.


For parties catered towards preschoolers and grade-schoolers, the general rule of thumb is to invite your child’s whole class, which, while a polite gesture, will more likely than not be hectic and demanding. We recommend that you invite children with whom your child is closest friends, or at the very least, with whom they get along with well. Your party’s theme can help you narrow down that guest list even more, depending on the children’s interests. As for invitations, it’s a good idea to skip out on paper and save money on postage. You also shouldn’t have to worry about sending your child to school with the invitations in hand, making the selective process that much more obvious. In this day and age, invitations are made easy and eco-friendly through the Internet. If the parents have Facebook, create an event for your child’s party. You also have other digital options like Paperless Post and Evite, so that you can easily track RSVPs. These options also allow you to creatively customize and personalize your invitations with a variety of designs. Regardless of your preference, all your invitations will be sent instantly with just one click. The parents will also probably assume that you want the party to be low-key, judging by your subtlety. We suggest that you send out your invitations at least three to four weeks in advance, and you should also prompt the parents to confirm with their children and RSVP approximately ten days before the event so that you have an idea of how many guests to expect, and prepare food and activities accordingly. For a preschooler, try to keep the guest list between eight to ten persons so that games, activities, and meal periods are easier to organize. Older children will usually have more sensibility in who they want to invite, so parties will get smaller come middle school. They may also get their closest friends to help them plan and set up, so that you have fewer errands to worry about. Since these are children, there is a good chance that the parents of children who are younger than the age of five will likely stay for the remainder of the party. Essentially, you really are inviting a young child plus their parent(s), because many children aren’t ready to be dropped off and left at a party on their own yet before starting kindergarten. However, this isn’t to say that you need to prepare a different menu for the parents – they will understand if you offer them the same hotdogs and popcorn you’re feeding their children (all of which Tent Rentals Toronto can provide you with) since they know how much of an effort it is to prepare food for multiple guests. You just have to be sure that you have enough food and drinks available so that you can accommodate everyone, even if you have more relative to the number of guests that actually show up. Think about what your child’s preferences are, and what gets them excited. In the case of preschoolers and early-grade school children, you can suggest some options for party themes to them to help them brainstorm ideas. At their age, they typically enjoy playing with toys, watching television, partaking in outdoor activities, and using arts and crafts for projects that inspire them. Thus, you should consider recommending simple themes to them that also reflect their interests, such as fantasy, superheroes, space, or underwater worlds. As their interests develop and change, older children will likely develop their own ideas for themes. Although, if your child expresses many interests, you might actually consider foregoing a theme altogether. Instead of having a specific theme, you could let your child’s favourite games, toys, colours, and foods dictate what sort of decorations, food, and entertainment will be used at the party. If you want a fully decorated party space, part tents are ideal. Instead of hanging individual balloons, consider tying them in clusters before hanging them from the ceiling, so that you don’t have to worry about your child being exposed to helium. Balloons that fall to the ground can also double as means for volleyball and other ball games. But it doesn’t just stop at hanging decorations. Even simply setting up and arranging the party food on a table coupled with some theme-specific props will add to the overall party atmosphere, making children really feel like they’ve entered a completely different dimension. Paper goods available in solid colors will also correspond with practically any chosen party theme. Decorating your food is also a great idea. This is especially the case with baked goods, as you can add frosting and icing, using colours that coordinate with the party’s theme. All of these, along with anything the children make, make great replacements for loot bags. Refrain from going overboard with food and activities; having an extra few on paper is fine, but just plan on running some classic and easily accessible activities that can run for longer periods of time, or else you’ll be rushing the children from game to game. Some ideas include arts and crafts, treasure hunting, and obstacle courses if your party is taking place outdoors. Make sure to have plenty of equipment on hand depending on the nature of the activity, such as paint, bubbles, chalk, balls and bubbles. If it will be a warm day come party time, water balloons and guns will be a bonus (make sure to tell the parents to bring swimsuits and towels for their children). If any of the children have particular talents, encourage them to showcase their passions at the party. These talents can be face painting, balloon shaping, storytelling, magic tricks, or music performances – anything that ignites enjoyment and creativity in children. As for food, simple, quick recipes and your child’s favourites will suffice. Just be wary of any food allergies some children might have. Most people are free during the weekend, and it is a good idea to have parties run for approximately two hours to avoid exhausting guests. Morning and early afternoon parties will work best for preschoolers, and older children can last through afternoon and early evening parties. Try to avoiding scheduling a party near or on the same day as another’s so that parents are not faced with the awkward situation of choosing between two parties. If anything, you might consider hosting joint parties to avoid that problem.



Party rentals are an excellent option if you need the help of a reliable coordinator to facilitate the event. AS Special Events will ensure that neither you and your guests are overwhelmed, instead allowing you to focus on enjoying a great party.


Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Event planning can be stressful if you aren’t prepared. There are many things that can and will go wrong if you haven’t carefully considered the logistics of the event. Here are some tips on event planning mistakes to avoid.


Failing to check the weather


You should always check the weather forecast leading up to and on the day of your event. Surprise showers, hail, heat waves or other unexpected weather can happen. It is best to be prepared for anything. If your event is outdoors, do you have covering? If it is an indoor event, do you have umbrellas to give to arriving guests if needed? These are just a few of the things you can do to ensure you are prepared for any type of weather. You may also want to have heat for outdoor events during cold weather or fans and AC for summer events. If you are worried about rain you should speak to a tent rentals Toronto specialist. AS Special Events offers a wide selection of tents for rent for any special occasion or event you are planning.


Not having a coat check


It is an annoyance for guests when there is no place for them to put their coats and other belongings. It is a nice consideration to consider offering a coat check or at least an area where their belongings can be safely secured.


Not having adequate parking


You will want to be prepared for parking and if you event space has limited parking available you will want to look into other options. Can you provide transportation to and from the event site? Can you warn your guests in advance about the lack of parking so they can consider carpooling options? There are several ways to address the issue of parking, but you need to make sure you don’t forget about it. It can be frustrating for guests to have to try to figure out parking the day of the event.


Not having signage in place


You should try to set up signage that will lead guests to the venue. There is nothing worse than trying to make your way to an event only to get lost. The best event planners consider their guests by offering signage to show their guests where they need to go. Signage is particular helpful in cases where multiple events are taking place at the same location.


Not making sure the bathroom stays clean


You will want to ensure that the bathrooms at your venue are tidy and well stocked prior to the event. It would also be helpful to have staff check on the washrooms from time to time during the event to ensure the waste baskets aren’t overflowing or there is a limited supply of toilet paper available. Poorly maintained bathrooms reflect poorly on you as the event planner.


Not having event staff on hand


You should always be sure to have event staff on hand to assist with the needs or wants of guests. It is important that your event planning staff is present and visible to the guests. You should also make sure that your event staff arrives on time. There is usually always someone that is late so please make sure to tell your staff to arrive prior to the event start time.


Not designating staff space


You will want to ensure you have space for your staff to store their belongings or a spot where they can go to take breaks as needed. You don’t want to be running around at the event trying to find space for their things. You also don’t want them to be in the way of guests when they are trying to take a break.


Not having enough people on hand to welcome guests


It is a pain when the lineups to get into an event are huge and there isn’t enough staff to check-in guests. You will want to ensure that you have enough staff on hand for the size of the event. You should consider what check-in process will be best to alleviate long line ups.


Not respecting capacity limits


You need to consider how many guests can fit into your venue. There will be capacity limits set by the local Fire Marshall. You have to respect these limits or you could risk having your event shut down. The limits are there for a reason so you need to adhere to them.


Not having enough tables


You will want to plan out how many tables you will need for your event. If necessary you may need to rent extra tables if your venue doesn’t supply enough of them. Consider table rental with AS Special Events. We can help ensure you have the proper sized tables for your event. We can even help with delivery and setup as needed.


Not having an emergency kit


You should have a kit that contains items that you might need at the last minute such as staplers, pens, paper, ink for printers, things of that nature. You can never be too prepared. It is best to consider everything you might possibly need.


Leaving setup until the last minute


You should try to setup whatever you can ahead of time and well in advance of the event. Sometimes you may only have access to the venue a few hours before the event starts, but sometimes you can set up days ahead. You should make effective use of whatever time you have available to set up. It can be very stressful trying to set up as guests are starting to arrive.


Poor registration process


You should try to make the registration process for your event as simple and effective as possible. Perhaps you can offer an online sign up option to make things easier. Or maybe you have put an RSVP system in place. You should have a way of tracking how many guests you will have and always plan for last minute registrations.


Too much control


If you try to control the event too much it will show, and your guests aren’t likely to react favourably. Try to plan the details that you can and leave the rest to happen organically. It is best to let guests have as much involvement as they can in the experience. It makes people happier when they feel that they are given choices.


Forgetting to get feedback


You will want to get feedback from guests if you plan to host an event of this type again. It is important to know what went well and what needs improvement for the next time around. This will help you in the planning stages next time.


AS Special Events has everything you need when it comes to party rentals. If you need AV equipment, then we have you covered. If you need things such as tablecloths and other linens we also rent those items. If you need help with the event planning we have experienced and dedicated event-planning professionals on hand to offer assistance. You can be assured that we have what it takes to create an event that your guests will enjoy. You can relax and leave as much or as little of the planning up to us, as you desire.

Tips for Creating a Fabulous Outdoor Party

You want to make creating the perfect outdoor party as stress-free as possible. Here are some ideas and tips that you should keep in mind to ensure your guests are well cared for and that everyone has a good time.

Spread the Word

You will want to send out invitations to ensure guests know when the party is, what it’s all about, and what type of attire they should wear and more. Include some information on the invitation about when guests will be eating so they can plan accordingly. You will want to provide a little clue on what type of attire is best for guests to wear too. For example, if it is a pool party make sure you remind guests to bring their bathing suits. You will also want to specify your plans in the event of rain. If it is a rain or shine event you should be prepared with tent rentals as a back up or an inside alternative.

Provide Enough Seating

You will want to consider if you have enough chairs to accommodate all of your guests. If you don’t you might want to consider bringing out chairs from inside, or asking your guests to bring along folding chairs. Another option is to rent chairs. You can rent chairs for a reasonable price. Many vendors will even drop off and pick up the chairs so that you don’t have to worry about transporting them.

Light it Up

You should consider what type of lighting you will be using if your backyard party is scheduled to go past daylight hours. You will want to ensure the area is well lit so that guests can see each other, and also be safe. You could use globe lights, lanterns or strings of lights to create a special glow for your guests. It is important that you secure any cords from lighting properly so as to avoid a tripping hazard. If you don’t want to go out and purchase lighting renting a lighting solution may also be an option to consider.


You will likely want to decorate your party space to go with whatever theme you have chosen for the party. You might want to include things such as piñatas, tabletop accessories, or hanging décor. Flower arrangements are a great way to liven up any outdoor space as well. AS Special Events can assist you with choosing appropriate décor for your fabulous outdoor party. We have something to suit every taste and budget.

Keep Mosquitos Away

You will want to make sure your guests are comfortable and that includes getting rid of those pesky mosquitos as much as possible. It is important to prepare for the bugs. You should use citronella candles, or fans to encourage the bugs to fly elsewhere. You can also get a bug light for your yard so that it will keep the mosquitos away from your guests. You could even have a company come and spray the area beforehand if you are extremely worried about bugs ruining your event.


You will want to consider your guests and what types of music will be most appealing to them. You will want to prepare a playlist that is about five hours in length. That is how long the typical party usually lasts. You should pick classics that everyone will be sure to enjoy. You don’t want to blare your music too loud or guests won’t be able to mingle with each other.

Entertain the Kids

You will want to be sure you have enough things to entertain any children who might attend your party. You can rent items such as candyfloss makers, and popcorn machines to ensure you have fun kid friendly snacks on hand. Check out your party rentals store to see what is available. AS Special Events does offer plenty of items that will be sure to enhance your outdoor party.

Prepare for the weather

You will want to ensure your guests stay cool in the summer heat. So you should provide fans or portable AC units. You could also have extra ice on hand for guests to use to cool themselves down. You should be prepared to have a backup plan in place in case of rain. Will the event move inside? Or will you provide a tent? These are all important factors to consider when planning an outdoor party.

Food Considerations

Food is one of the most important aspects of your party. You will want to plan ahead and know the types of food you are going to be cooking so that you can prepare all the cutlery, serving dishes, and more that you will require. You might want to consider renting an extra BBQ if you will have a large number of guests because it can be handy to have more than one grill to cook on. You will want to check with guests to see if there are any food sensitivities or allergies before you decide on what to serve. Sometimes you may also want to offer a vegetarian option if you know some guests will appreciate that.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You will want to ensure your lawn has been freshly cut and cared for before your guests arrive. You might have some cleaning that needs to be done to your deck or yard space. You will want to ensure there is as much room for guests to roam as possible. You will want to be sure your space is kept clear of any items that could pose a hazard to guests.


You will want to consider all of the costs involved in planning a party. You should set aside an amount that you plan to spend on the event and try to stick to it as best as you can. There are ways to save money when planning a party. You could rent items instead of buying them. This not only could save money but also prevents unnecessary waste. If you need extra seating then table rentals can be an easy and affordable option.

Stay Organized

You will want to create lists for yourself of what items you need to have prepared before the party. You can make a list of grocery items you need to pick up, décor considerations, tables and chairs, and much more. It is important to write everything down so that you don’t forget something important and are left scrambling at the last minute to get things together. A fabulous party begins with the planning stages so make sure you take the time to make lists and plan for the type of party you want to have.

Have fun

The most important thing for you and your guests to do is to have fun. Try to be as relaxed as possible during the party so that you can have a good time. The more prepared you are for the party the better you will feel on the day of. You will be able to relax and enjoy knowing that you’ve already taken care of all of the details. If you aren’t sure what else you might need to do to plan the perfect outdoor party you can talk to the experts at AS Special Events. We have event planning staff on hand to assist you with all of your party planning needs.





Wedding Colour Trends

Choosing the colours to use in your wedding can be a tough decision. With so many hues to choose it is almost impossible to decide. If you don’t have a particular colour scheme in mind then perhaps you can check out some of these ideas for colours for winter, spring, summer and fall weddings. The best part about choosing your colours is that you can often find décor items and tablecloths to match your chosen palette. Discover the options available to your when you rent through a Toronto party rental store. Renting tablecloths, and other accessories for your wedding can be a great way to save yourself from having to buy items that you will likely never use again. Many rental stores offer a wide variety of colour options to suit your needs. Here are some of the most popular trends in wedding colours right now.


Sage is a soft and unassuming shade. It offers a fresh and natural feeling. It is a romantic colour that can be livened up by adding some brighter colours such as pink, white, or orange hues. Choosing sage is a great way to bring out the flowers you will use on your special day as well. The green sage will blend nicely with the greenery in your flower arrangements.


Gray provides a beautiful base colour. A wide range of colours can easily accompany it. One popular trend right now is to create a cool look using various shades of gray, some white, and teal. This gives a more playful look to the otherwise monochromatic gray colour.


Burgundy is a beautiful colour choice and when it is paired with soft pastel pinks or cream colours it is absolutely gorgeous. The burgundy stands out among the pastels creating a very romantic feel.


Gold is a perfect colour choice for a wintertime wedding. It goes well with crystal-embellished décor and looks great paired with white, tan or champagne colours. Gold is classy and timeless. It creates a feeling of warmth in a room as well.


Navy is a traditional yet trendy colour. It pairs nicely with a wide variety of other colours. Sunset orange or ice blue look great with navy. Navy is very chic and timeless.


Lavender is also a very popular wedding colour choice. It is pretty and elegant and can be paired with white, slate, or light browns. It is a beautiful option for either a winter or spring wedding. You can check out party rentals Toronto to find out if you can find tablecloths and other linens to compliment this colour choice.


For a powdery look and feel you can use blush paired with ice, silver, or slate blue. It is the perfect way to add a playful and romantic feel to your winter wedding. You are sure to be able to find accessories to pair with this colour.


A strawberry red is a lovely hue to select. It can easily be paired with black, white or sage for a very festive look. It is perfect for winter weddings. The bright red with the soft lighting in a room looks wonderful.


Orange is the perfect selection for a fall wedding. Choosing different shades of orange such as tangerine and pumpkin can be fun. These colours also pair well with ice blue and white.


Olive green is a great selection for a fall or winter wedding. It can be paired with colours such as light pastels, or grays and whites. It is a beautiful and bold colour to choose. It gives off a very noble vibe. Having a woodland-styled palette can be symbolic of growth and abundance.


Raspberry is a beautiful and bright colour that is sure to make your accents pop. This colour can easily be paired with grays, whites or even browns. It is a beautiful choice for either a winter or spring wedding.


Eggplant is a very romantic colour choice. It perfectly pairs with silver, coral, lavender and raspberry. You can choose it as your main colour and then choose complimentary colours to go with it to really develop a daring or romantic feel.


Plum is a great colour choice for a winter wedding. It looks great with white, lavender, burgundy or navy. It provides a very romantic and playful feel. Plum looks great on stationary and is a perfect tablecloth colour choice.


Tan may seem like a fairly plain colour to choose but paired with grays or navy blue it looks wonderful. It is easy to find tan accessories to bring into the room to enhance the look.


Turquoise is both a bold and elegant colour choice. It goes well with white, navy, brown, and black. It is perfect for a winter wedding or even a summer wedding by brightening it up with even lighter colours.


Brown is a popular colour choice, especially when paired with turquoise or other blues, ivory, or slate. It makes a fresh and bold statement.


If you are looking to create a lively look then kiwi is a great colour choice. It looks great paired with many other colours such as pinks, plum and silver. It is the perfect choice for a summer wedding, and would look wonderful with a selection of gerbera daisies.

There are many ways to tie in your colours with the design of your wedding space and also your floral arrangements. If you are wondering how to go about ordering accessories such as linens, or décor items to match your wedding colours you can talk to the party planning experts at AS Special Events. If we don’t have your colours in stock we can order them for you. We are happy to help share our advice when it comes to colour selection. We will work with you to ensure that your special day is as beautiful as you imagined it could be. We are your go-to source for wedding rentals Toronto. We will collaborate with you to ensure you have everything that you need for your special occasion. We offer linens, serving utensils, glassware, cutlery and more to be used for your wedding day. You can certainly find pieces that will compliment your colour scheme to give a more unified look and feel. Talk to us about your specific needs and we can help you to select items that will perfectly compliment your theme and colour selection. If you’ve selected your colours but are having difficulty pulling the look together you can talk to one of our event planning experts to discuss ways to make the most of our your colour selection and theme. If you need help with floral arrangements we also have a florist on hand to help assist and guide you in flower selection. We are happy to help with design and décor planning and selection. When it comes to your special day we pull out all the stops to ensure your happiness. We offer friendly, reliable and affordable services. Speak to us today about how we can help transform your special event into something that guests will be sure to remember for years to come. Visit our website for more information about our products and services.

Trending themes for 2016 Weddings

Choosing a theme for your wedding is a very exciting task. Your theme can be displayed through your wedding invitations, favours, décor, flowers, dresses, linens, centerpieces and more. AS Special Events is your party rentals Toronto superstore. We offer everything you need to coordinate your wedding theme, with style and colour. For example, if you are going for a romantic and classic look you could consider using our damask linens to drape over your coloured linens. This beautiful design will add to the beauty of your décor. You can customize our wedding arches to suit the needs of your theme. For instance, the flowers can be mix matched or the tulle colour can be chosen specifically with your theme in mind. One popular wedding trend that we will continue to see in 2016 is the rustic wedding. Many couples are opting for country-themed or rustic looking weddings. Right down to the invitations, we are seeing this theme over and over again. Some brides have done burlap style wedding invitations, or invitations with mason jars and lights on them. Along with a rustic wedding theme could be a cookout theme. You might want to consider renting barbeques or grills to do a cookout style dinner. Another popular trend we are seeing is nautical themed weddings. You can use the colours blue and white and match your linens with your selected theme. Even your invitations and place cards can be nautical themed. Using water colours to make a theme for your wedding is a popular idea as well. You can decorate using various colours to match this theme. Water colours are bright, bold, and beautiful making for a perfect statement for your special day. Many brides and grooms are opting to have themed bars for their wedding. Some examples include a coffee bar, a lemonade bar, a sangria bar, a margarita bar, and more. You can easily rent bar equipment that will suit your theme. Check out AS Special Event’s selection of bar supplies available to rent. AS Special Events wants to be your number one source for party rentals Toronto. If we don’t have something you are looking for to compliment your theme just ask and we can get it for you. You are likely going to see a lot of funky patterns as themes for 2016 weddings. Chevrons, stripes, and more will become extremely popular. You may want to capture the essence of fun for your special day and opt for a fairground themed wedding. AS Special Events offers candy floss machines and popcorn makers for rent. This will help to complete your look and offer plenty of enjoyment for your guests. Floral themes continue to be hugely popular. Many brides are choosing to make flowers the centre of attention. Some brides are even wearing flower crowns in addition to carrying a traditional bouquet. Our team at AS Special Events partners with florists to make your wedding day a beautiful event. Be sure to tell us if you are thinking of flower themed event so that we can provide you with some great ideas. For that romantic and passionate look, many brides are going for themes with lace, or a ruffled and tulle look. British themed weddings are also gaining popularity, as many brides are beginning to have tea garden parties for their wedding theme. AS Special Events can provide you with elegant teacups and saucers if you’d like to give this theme a try. Wedding themes can be unique as the couples themselves. When choosing a theme make sure you choose something that suits your personalities and style.

Elegant and Easy Wedding Rentals in Toronto

Soft. Romantic. Elegant. These are the kind of words that any bride or groom would love to hear when it comes to their special day. With quality wedding rentals Toronto couples can find the right kind of backdrop for an easy and elegant event. Nothing says a gorgeous and divine wedding celebration more than fine white china, beautiful floral centerpieces, and soft candlelit tables. Make sure you choose your décor wisely, not only for your own benefit, but the benefit of your family and friends as well. With a variety of party rental supplies available, such as table rentals, tent rentals, elegant decorations, and custom centerpieces, any outdoor wedding celebration can truly be brought to life, for you and your guests alike.


Wedding Tent Rentals

Your wedding party needs to have the right amount of space, so all of your guests can mingle and enjoy your special day as much as you will. Make sure you choose the best kind of tent for the size of your guest list, as well as the one most appropriate for the weather and location. Choose a 20’ x 60’ size, or one even larger, for tent rentals to accommodate over a hundred guests more comfortably. Add sidewalls to help block any wind and to keep your tables nice and tidy. The best tent rentals Toronto couples need for a memorable event are the ones that make the party more comfortable for you and your guests.


Table Numbers and Wedding Favors

Make sure your guests are seated appropriately and the tables are all decorated with a classy and memorable touch. Table rentals that can comfortably accommodate your guests are important, as are the people who are seated there. Table numbers are a necessary and simple way to add some elegance and fun to your event. Try using unique place cards and different designs for everyone’s name, so your guests can find their tables in a distinctive style. Wedding favors add perhaps the greatest personal touch to the guest experience, and choosing your favors is also an important task. Think about adding an elegant personal touch to your wedding favors, like a silver photo keychain or an engraved wine stopper.


Party Rentals and Custom Centerpieces


The classic, effortless look of your wedding design can create a breath-taking environment for the celebration of your union that everyone can enjoy. With party rentals and wedding rentals Toronto residents can be confident in, the wedding celebration can be even easier to plan. Make use of elegant finishes with quality party rental supplies like specialty glassware or Damask linens. You can choose white Chiavari chairs for a more refined dining experience, with a variety of table rentals to compliment your elegant style. Top of the tables with customized centerpieces that reflect the romantic mood of the evening. Choose a variety of flowers and vases that fits your personal style. For a more modern look, try using all white flowers in a clear rectangular vase, and adding colored marbles at the base for a pop of color. Elegant centerpieces can add the eye-catching detail your tables need.


Whether formal or informal, your wedding reception should be a romantic and elegant occasion, where you and your guests can enjoy the special moment. For all the party rental services and wedding rentals Toronto couples can be sure will provide the elegant look they want, contact AS Special Events today!

Holiday Events and Party Rentals

With the holidays fast approaching, planning your annual holiday party may be a hot item on your list of things to do. With so many festive trends and decorating options, designing a holiday event can quickly become a confusing process. Don’t let the stress get the best of you, and try to find some creative ideas to motivate your design. Create the best party of the year with the unique and fun party rentals you want, as well as the tent rentals and table rentals you need to stage your next holiday gathering.


Here are several holiday trends and decorative ideas to inspire all of your party rental planning, so your décor will be a hit with guests of all ages.


Create A Festive Tablescape

Plan a “tablescape” with fun and festive touches of decoration and design. For a timeless and rustic autumn look, decorate your tables with natural materials and seasonal accents, and create patches of rocks, acorns, and leaves. Use the colors of the changing season as the accents for your décor, and mix together neutral tones like brown and beige with yellows, oranges and reds. For winter themes, use crisp whites, snowflake shapes, and silver glitter to liven up the table. Party rentals can provide colorful or patterned linens and tablecloths, and create specifically themed centerpieces. Check out the many options you have with a large variety of table rentals, and be sure to choose the ideal size and space to stage all your festive décor.


Use Folded and Fun Shaped Napkins

This is an easy idea that can bring a lot of fun to the dining table. With quality and colorful materials, folding festive shapes can be a fun way to add a conversation starter to the room. With the help of a quick napkin-folding tutorial, it can be simple to create some fun and festive napkins for your holiday party. If you want quality linens for your next holiday event, contact the party supply specialists at AS Special Events for all the party rentals Toronto residents need for some added festive fun.


Put Festive Desserts on Decorated Serving Trays

If you are planning to throw a cocktail event or a business holiday party, a fun way to add some festive decoration is with the deserts. With so many options for sweet holiday treats, take the festivities even further and hand out the desserts on decorated serving trays. Lay down paper cutouts of complimentary shapes and large confetti with words for the occasion (being careful not to use anything that can be easily consumed) on the bottom of the trays, or use a small festive centerpiece with the desserts arranged around it. For Toronto party rentals, there are many choices for serving trays, with elegant Hor D’oeuvres trays, stainless steel, or even mirrored platters, for the best compliment to your décor.


With the holidays right around the corner, and a special event on the calendar, be sure to take your party to the next level and use our wide-ranging Toronto party rentals services to provide all the things you need for a perfect event. At AS Special Events, we can provide you with all of your party rentals, tent rentals, table rentals, catering equipment, festive decorations, and so much more!

Top Tips for Party Tent Rentals and Event Planning In Mississauga

Planning an event is often stressful and detailed and time sensitive work that requires knowledge and dedication from the entire team involved in the process. Different kinds of events require different approaches to planning. The right effort, the right help, and a basic understanding of party rental supplies will help to ensure that your next event will be a success.


These are a few things to keep in mind when you are thinking about putting your next event together:


Tent Rentals

This may be your most important decision. Many factors will go into your decision for an event tent. Primarily, it will depend on the time, size, and conditions of the party, as well as the location. If it is going to be an outdoor autumn event, having enclosed tents and tent rentals with heaters might be the best option. If it is a big gathering in warmer weather, larger and open tents may be the right solution. With all of the options available at AS Special Events Party & Tent Rentals, we can help you find the best tent for your party.


Table Rentals

When you are throwing an event with a formal dinner or catered food involved, having the appropriate tables is key to a smooth-running event. Use long rectangular tables for food displays, and a variety of round tables for dining. If you are serving cocktails, you can use tall tables and bar stools for appropriate seating. Less formal events can make use of communal tables or dining areas specifically for children with smaller tables. We have many different table rentals available to create the best dining experience for your party.


Chair Rentals

Selecting your chairs may not seem like the most vital decision for your event, but it can make all the difference in terms of comfort and style. For shorter or informal events, using bench seating or cocktail tables and barstools may be a good choice, providing more chances for guests to mingle and socialize. If you are throwing a longer event or a corporate gathering, use padded chairs with an elegant style to make the best impression with your guests. For the best table rentals and chair rentals for your event, check out our extensive inventory of party rentals Toronto residents can benefit from.



The décor of your event is one of the most important decisions you will make. From the linens to the lighting, the party design should reflect your personality or the theme you would like to represent. Choose a color palette that compliments the event style, with softer pastels for wedding parties or bold colors for business events. For holiday parties like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can use themed decorations and fun designs. Pick a show-stopping centerpiece and lighting fixtures with elegance to create a lasting impression. No matter what you need for decorations and party tent rentals, we can ensure that your event has it.


If you need some help with planning your event or finding party rentals and wedding rentals Toronto residents can feel confident in, contact us at AS Special Events. We work hard to ensure your event is perfect from start to finish.

Children’s Chairs and Table Rentals

If you are putting together an event that children will be attending, or if you are planning for a children’s birthday party or a youthful holiday celebration, choose table rentals and chairs that cater to these smaller sized guests. Start your event panning by choosing specific children-sized table rentals and chair rentals. These furnishings are smaller in size and height, and they are perfect for all the little ones and their friends to gather around, to play and eat.

There are many reasons to have a fun celebration for children, from birthdays to holiday parties, so make sure you are prepared to find the best party rentals for the occasion. With so many ways to create a fun and happy occasion for children, make sure you try something new and exciting for the kids to enjoy for your next event. Table rentals made for children can perfectly compliment any occasion. Try creating a tea party theme for the children’s table, using teacups of juice and colorful linens to compliment the colors you use for the table décor. Try mixing cup and saucer colors for a unique and fun contrast. Softer pastels and floral patterns will also compliment many tea party themes, and could be a nice choice for adolescent girls. Try using bolder and brighter colors for birthday parties and for the younger kids, in order to catch and keep their attention while seated during the meal.

Superheroes are a very popular theme choice for many young kids’ events these days, and it can easily be achieved through a few choice decorations. With children’s table rentals, don’t forget to take into account the table size for holding fun decorations. Take the décor even further for your party and create a whole dining experience around the superhero theme. Choose bright reds, blues, or greens for your linens and some colorful plates to match, then create a table centerpiece that really catches their attention. Use brightly patterned table runners and a collection of fun superhero accessories as props for the table. With fun party rental supplies, you can accent the children’s table rentals and chairs perfectly for whatever theme you choose.

For more casual events, or for any events with very young children in attendance, you might want to use plastic tablecloths for your table rentals, in case of spills or when you are incorporating arts and craft activities. These come in a variety of colors and are easily disposable, with much less clean up required. Children can often times be messy during their meals or play time, so this could be the best option for a child’s birthday party, or any occasion where children are the primary guests. With disposable party rental supplies, you can save on the expense of finer dinnerware or other accessories.

No matter the kind of party you are throwing, if there are children involved, having table rentals and chair rentals that cater to your smaller guests is the best option. For quality Toronto party rentals, and the supplies you need for a children’s special event, contact us at AS Special Events. We can help make sure that all your little ones are seated and satisfied during your celebration!

Bachelorette Party Rentals Brampton

Bachelorette parties are an extremely fun way to celebrate a new beginning for a family member or a close friend. From a quiet dinner to a big banquet, to an elaborate get together, you can make the celebration girly and fun, or simple and special. For a more upscale or classy experience for your guests, use quality party rentals that reflect simple lines and neutral colors. Try using Sonata Gold Rim diner and appetizer plates for an elegant touch to the whole table and dining experience. For your linens, you can use simple black or white to compliment a more classic table set. Most party rental supplies allow you to be versatile in event planning. If you would like to set more of a flair for the event, try using bold designs and trendy bright colors, like magenta or different shades of pink. Add some amusing touches of color, and you can use uniquely shaped china for another fun touch.

Make sure you find the best table rentals for the kind of atmosphere you would like to have. Use bar stools and high-top cocktail tables for a relaxed and fun party environment. For the full drink experience, use martini glasses with some additional fun props, like colorful flags inside as a stirrer or plastic rings attached to the stem. Go even further with some additional props such as flowers, feathers, and fun signs around the table rentals. Create a color scheme that stands out and brings attention to the whole occasion. You can be extremely creative with the decorations and use veils on the back of your dining chairs or pink balloons with glitter and confetti inside. Add some fun and unique party rental items to get your girlfriends ready to celebrate the occasion!

Party tent rentals can bring a lot of fun to the occasion, but think of ways to get more personal and create fun additions. One of the best ways to add some fun to the party is by using great drink recipes. Here are a few recipe ideas to liven the party up:

This is a simple but tasty drink that does not require a lot of skill or expense, when hosting an all-girls gathering.


3 oz. of Peach Schnapps
3 oz. of Orange Juice

Combine the orange juice and Schnapps and pour it over ice in a tall glass. Garnish the drink with an orange slice and a cherry for some nice pops of color.

With party rentals, you can also find the perfect coffee mugs for hot drinks. Having a hot beverage can be the perfect compliment to a cool evening out with the ladies. Try this recipe to make a warm toast with your friends and family.


1 Cup of Strong Brewed Coffee
2 oz. of Irish Cream Liqueur

Pour the hot coffee into a clear coffee mug (or cup of your choice). Then stir in the Irish Cream Liqueur. Garnish with whipped cream. For a little more fun, add a cookie or biscuit to the edge of the glass.



Party rentals can include excellent quality martini glasses. Create a sweet drink that looks and tastes amazing, with this combination martini with fruit and sugar.



1 Tbsp. of White Sugar

1 Cup of Ice Cubes

2 Oz. of Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

1 Oz. of Vodka

1 Oz. of Triple Sec


Pour the sugar onto a plate. Wet the rim of the martini glass and then dip the rim into the sugar to create a sweet coat at the top. Combine the grapefruit juice, vodka, and triple sec into a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into the martini glass. Garnish with a grapefruit slice or a lemon slice for a pop of additional color.



No matter your style, make sure you find the best way to compliment the occasion, from table rentals and chairs, to decorations and drinks. At AS Special Events, we have the right kind of party rental supplies and all the wedding rentals Toronto couples will want, so every event will be a complete success!

Party Rentals Toronto

Party Rentals Toronto for Baby Showers

When the time comes for throwing a Baby Shower for someone you love, there are super fun ways to party with that special woman in your life, whether it is a friend or a family member. To make it a day that special person (and your guests) will never forget, choose the best party rentals for a good time! For your linens, choose fun and bright colors that will enchant your guests as soon as they sit down to eat. Reflect the season and use complimentary colors. Use rectangular Sonama serving dishes with colorful appetizers for a fun touch to the event. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and use completely different styled plates. Use specialty glassware with colorful drinks and add some baby accessories to the stem. Then add some simple stainless steel flatware to finish off the look. Party rental supplies run the gamut, and they can offer everything from seating to centerpieces.

A Baby Shower is meant to be a relaxed and fun time, and it is meant to be a celebration of the coming life. For loads of fun, make sure to use extra cool party rentals, like a popcorn machine, and use plenty of fun decorations on the table to add even more style to the celebration. You can decorate the whole table with pops of ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ colors and some fun interactive accessories. Try using baby shoes and baby bottles filled with confetti or candies. Make sure you also use party tent rentals that will fit the whole party comfortably. Larger pole tent rentals can accommodate lots of guests and creates lots of room for seating out of the sun.

Make sure your decorations tell the right kind of story for the expectant mother. Make sure your party rental supplies and decorations reflect her style, as well as the gender of the baby. For your napkin rings, choose something simple like a flower or small silver chain tied around the napkin. You can add some fun gift bags for each person as a centerpiece on the table, so your guests will easily be able to take the gift bags home at the end of the party. Or you can add small wooden crates with fresh flowers inside that represent the gender of the baby. Quality event rentals and party rentals allow you the freedom of choice, and the options you need for a memorable and successful Baby Shower event.

You can also add cheerful baby shower stickers all over the tabletop and spread some confetti on top of the table rentals and underneath the dinnerware. Make sure to take the time to use quality and fun party rentals to make the occasion more fun and visually appealing for everyone. By doing this, you will be providing your guests with a beautiful sight when they sit down to socialize or play games. With quality table rentals and party rentals Toronto residents can enjoy, a Baby Shower can quickly become a favorite event! Contact us at AS Special Events, for all the tent rentals and other party rentals you need to make the occasion one to remember.

Limousine Services

We offer Toronto party rentals that go beyond tradition and elevate an event to a first-class experience. When you want to take an event over the top, we can help find all the services you need. Limousines are a great option for large groups to travel in lavish party style. We can put you in touch with some of the best options in party rentals and limousine services,and the luxury amenities to make the event you’re planning a complete success, and beyond!


Are you planning a wedding or a formal event? No matter what you are honoring or celebrating, we can provide the party rentals to make it a beautiful and memorable event. We make sure all details of décor are covered, and we can provide floral arrangements, custom bouquets, centerpieces, or bridal bouquets.Do you need a traditional arrangement for a commemorative event or a fancy centerpiece for a corporate event? Wehave many years of design and décor experience, quality tent rentals, table rentals, and wedding rentals Toronto residents will love, and we can help you create whatever floral experience your event requires.

Event Planners

We can help you plan your event, handling everything from conception to creation. There’s no need to stress over all the details of your upcoming party, because that’s what our friendly and knowledgeable staff is for! We will help take the worry out of the process and make sure all the details of your event come together smoothly. We can consult with you or an event planner to find out the best way we can be of assistance. With quality party rentals and wedding rentals Toronto residents can benefit from, we have the event planning services for a perfect party, and we can help you coordinate a hit event!

Design and Decoration

Do you need help designing the perfect party for kids? Do you have an idea for a festive holiday partyor a fundraiser for your charity? No matter what you envision for the design of your event, we can help you strategize and fully decorate for any theme. With our expert party planning anda huge variety of party rentals, your event will be a hit! Think of the party you have always wanted to throw, then contact us to help you make it come to life.
We can help you decorate with:

  • Balloons
  • Confetti
  • Party Favors
  • Streamers
  • Cups and Straws
  • Centerpieces
  • and so much more!

We supply all the tent rentals, table rentals, and catering equipment you need for serving delicious hot foods or sweet treats for your guests. No matter what type of event you are having, from a small family banquet to a large corporate gathering, we can help supply and setup the catering equipment to accommodate all your party needs. With our extensive inventory of catering goods, and excellent party planners, we can help you with whatever you need.

For quality party rentals Toronto area residents can depend on for catered events, contact our friendly and helpful staff. We can supply:

  • Serving Tables
  • Chafing Dishes
  • Grills
  • Heat Lamps
  • Hot Dog Machines
  • Popcorn Machines
  • Cotton Candy Machines
  • Coffee Service
  • and much more!
You Invite the Guests and We'll do the Rest!