AS Special Events are hereby informed, to have a look at our term and conditions carefully before renting our equipment. If you order any equipment from us, it will be considered that you have read and clearly understood the term, which is outlined on this page, agreed and abide in them.

Name and Right:

Whatever the equipment is rented from AS Special Events, the customer has only the right to use the equipment, according to the terms of the agreement. We have the right to claim the ownership of our equipment by displaying some identifying markings or coats, which the customer need to agree not to remove or cover those marking at any cost unless with the written approval from us.


AS Special Events are not the manufacturer of the rented equipment, so no assurance or warranty on the material workmanship is provided. There will be no guarantee that the best suitable equipment for the customer is free from the defects and all the warranties of suitability are specifically waived by the customer.

Hold Harmless Provision:

The customer is enforceable to secure, assure and hold harmless provision of AS Special Events from and against all the losses, damages and related to the delivery, loading, unloading, assembling, installation, dismantling, and use of rented equipment or any injury or damage for our team during installation of the equipment. The agreement in this reveals that an affordable attorney’s fee will be paid by us in defending suits and actions involving the legal responsibility of by the exemplary damages.


The customers know that every order will be arranged for delivery in prior of the delivery date. According to the rental agreement, the customer agrees to the rules. If there is a need to cancel or reduction of the equipment you must do at least 14 days in advance of the delivery date. If it is related to the tent or tent equipment the cancellation must be done before 7 days of delivering otherwise a 100% restocking charge will be incurred to the customer.


The customer has the right to have a personal examination of the equipment in prior on which he finds it more suitable and if any defects are noticed you can clearly notify to us. A clear examination is done on the returned equipment to find the faults, but if we notice that it is safe and in good condition no refund will be credited to the customer.

Replacement of Defect Equipment:

If any equipment is not safe to use or it is in poor condition, then you can straight away call to AS Special Events team to notify the defects and we immediately repair or replace the equipment with well functioning one. We are not responsible for any minor or significant delay in replacing the equipment. If AS Special Events notices that the replaced equipment is in good condition then an additional charge will be charged for the delivery of the equipment.

Sub Rental, Loans on Equipment:

Whatever the equipment is rented at AS Special Events, the customer can offer sub rental or loans on the equipment with a written agreement with us, but if the customer with suspected job is noticed then it is avoided.

Return of Equipment:

At the end of this agreement, the customer needs to return all the equipment to AS Special Events, in our premises during our working hours in the same working condition of the equipment at the time of delivery to the customer. If any damages or loss of the equipment is noticed the customer is responsible to pay for it. Or if any case if you want to extend the time period of the rental equipment a mutual written agreement must be written.

Inspection at any Time:

AS Special Events have the right to inspect at any time at the customer premises, where the equipment are placed to check its usage or to remove it from the customer premise.

Permits and License:

The customer has some costs and before the installation of the equipment, all the necessary permits and authorization is provided unless if any charges are included on the confirm order to grant some permit.

Agreement with the law of Safety Regulations:

The customer agrees to the single price to comply with the municipal, county, state, and federal laws, ordinances, and regulations, including the Occupational Safety & Health Administration influence the equipment when it is in the control and used by the customer. The customer should not allow any person who is legal to use the equipment.


An extra charge will be charged if the equipment needs to be delivered to the upstairs or to any point where an extra time is involved. In our services, there is no arrangement and knockdown of the tables or chairs are included if you require these services you should request a quote a few days prior. If you have not arranged for table arrangement services and the tables are not knocked down and arranged in one area then we leave them for the next day. An additional one day rent is charged and if the tables and chairs remain in the same order a knockdown fee will be charged. Chairs and tables are to be restocked on carts as received on delivery.


The glassware, flatware must be cleaned with free of food and repacked properly in the given containers otherwise an extra charge will be charged. Special cleaning payment is charged for BBQ Grills and Cooking Equipment.


Each and every table linens are inspected clearly before providing to the customer with a receipt. At the time of delivery of the linen if we notice excessive stains, burns or tears the customer will be charged the replacement price of the linen. Linens must be returned in the same bags provided by us without any wet and dust free.

Lost, Shortage, Unclean, or Damaged Equipment:

The customer agrees to pay for the equipment when it is lost, unclean or damaged and the customer also agrees to an amount for cleaning charge when the equipment is returned dirty. If the rental equipment is damaged beyond on the repair cost, then the customer is charged with the equipment amount and the repair cost also borne by the customer only.


Half of the total contract, deposit must be paid at the time of the reservation and is the paid amount is non-refundable unless the customer intimated about the cancellation of the event before 30 days of the event. We accept all credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal, cash or personal check for payment.

Collection Costs:

The customer agrees to pay an amount for all reasonable collections, attorney’s and other fee charges to As Special Events under this. We have right to collect the amount under this contract.

Weather Concerned Risks:

The weather related risks such as high wind, snowfall, rain, flooding and extreme hot or cold due to which the outdoor tent becomes unable to use due to the above factor the customer is the one who is responsible to pay for it.

Preparation of Site:

The customer needs to clear the area where the equipment needs to be setup before the AS Special Events team arrivals to your place and also you need to agree to clear all the tent area with decorative items before we come for pick up. If the customer fails to do so, then he or she needs to pay all the delay charges and additional rental fees.


All the tents hired from As Special Events are stretchable and are drench with waterproofing compounds. We do not assure that every tent is waterproof with shade structures.

Heating Sources Under or Near Tents:

The customer is not allowed to do any kind of cooking or heating under or near the tent. The customers are fully responsible for the damage and cleaning cost due to cooking under the tent.
Note: Patio heaters are strictly prohibited near or under the tents.

Electric Power and lighting:

The customer needs to use their own electric power to lighten up or install the rental equipment.

Underground Facilities:

Customers agree to have complete underground facilities around the surrounding areas, where the equipment is to be installed before AS Special Events team crew approaches them. If any damages are identified the customer is responsible for it.

Staging or Dance floors:

AS Special Events is not responsible for any damage of the floors due to the placement of our rental equipment.